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"I was on the other side of the world so at first it didn't seem real,'' he said in a statement which wasn't read in court.

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"How do I find the words to explain to him that his grandmother is gone and why she is gone.''

Medaglia was one of three family members who read their statements in court.

Once again, they were at a sentencing hearing for Clayton Lapensee, the man, now convicted for a second time of killing the fast food restaurant worker.

Renee Schell, one of Proulx's sisters, turned and looked directly at Lapensee, who was sitting at the front of the courtroom with his mother.

"Clayton, you need to know I forgive you,'' she told him. "There's no way to say I'm OK with what you did. I never will be,'' said Schell, adding that she knew if he asked God for forgiveness God would give it to him.

Medaglia said her aunt didn't die as the result of an accident.

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Lapensee's truck smashed into Proulx's minivan on Nov. 25, 2005.

"It saddens me to know that my son, who is now five years old, will have no memory of my mom, his grandmother,'' she said.

It's been nearly five years since Anita Proulx was fatally injured by a man who chose to get behind the wheel after drinking.

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Kenny Proulx, who is with the Canadian armed forces, was in Pakistan with the Disaster Assistance Response Reebok Outlet Shoes

"All the emotions I felt before, all the anger, the hate came back and it felt stronger than it did before,'' Kenny said. "How could this individual do this to me and my family? How could we be subjected to this again?

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Kenny described the last six weeks of "of what could be called her Reebok Nano 6 Gum life'' as he sat at his mother's bedside, holding her hand and looking for some kind of recovery.

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Reebok Nano 6 Gum

´╗┐stricken Reebok Answer

Team, when he received word from a military chaplain that his mother had been critically injured.

He was back in Canada 25 hours later and found his mother in hospital in a coma, on machines that were keeping her alive.

"Her life was taken as the result of deliberate choices that were made on Nov. 25, 2005,'' she said. "Our wish is for others to never have to relate to this type of senseless tragedy and for consequences to be put in place that will deter and prevent more loss of life.''

Proulx's niece Tricia Medaglia detailed the frustration the family experienced sitting "patiently" through two years of court proceedings and Saucony Blue Shoes

It was hard enough for his family to go through the first trial, he wrote, admitting he had been angry when the initial conviction was overturned.

Crown attorney Bill Johnson also provided the judge with copies of six other victim impact statements, written by Proulx's husband Ken, son Kenny, her sisters, brother and sisters in law.

And for members of her family, Tuesday marked the second time in less than three years they have stood in a courtroom, fighting back tears, talking about how her loss has affected their lives.

The young woman, who was injured in the crash, also continues to deal with medical problems, such as daily headaches, migraines and a herniated disc in her neck.

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family faces Lapensee again

And once again, they delivered emotional and poignant victim impact statements, telling a judge about the pain, hurt, devastation and horror they have suffered.

The 51 year old woman succumbed to head injuries on Jan. 3, 2006, six weeks after the four vehicle collision on Second Line West near Korah Road.

the first trial.

Her mother never had a chance to see her grandson's first Christmas, first birthday, first steps or hear his first words, Amanda said.

Koke found the 45 year old ironworker guilty of impaired driving causing death and impaired driving causing bodily harm in July, following the second trial, which took place in April and May.

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"A minute form of relief after the conviction and sentencing, an opportunity to move forward, to attempt to move on. Or so we thought,'' she told Superior Court Justice Edward Koke.

Amanda Proulx, a passenger in her mother's van, along with her eight month old son, still has nightmares about that night.

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Reebok Nano 6 Gum

The defence argued that Lapensee should receive the same three and a half year sentence imposed when he was convicted the first time in 2008.

"An appeal granted, another two years, a new trial, more frustration, more anger and more hurt. No remorse, no truth ever heard from the accused.''

The Crown is seeking a five to six year penitentiary term for Lapensee, who has two prior drinking and driving convictions.

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