Saucony Burger Shoes

Saucony Burger Shoes

my way of saying thank you and paying it forward. You've got to do that. brought $250 to Waring and Coolahan at St. Vincent Place early Friday afternoon. The three men spoke for about 10 minutes near a thrift store entrance.

Ted Barnes put up $100, and started to call his friends for additional donations, after he read the front page story. His teenage son, Josh Booton, kicked in $50.

A story published in Friday's edition of The Sault Star quickly prompted some readers to take action. Friday.

know I'll be collecting more, said Barnes. just don't know how much. brothers plan to resume their two day trip west at noon Saturday. Waring says they'll just accept enough cash to cover their travel expenses. They'll give the rest to St. Vincent Place.

Saucony Burger Shoes

They spoke with the brothers, then drove them to Pine Ridge Towing where their car was being held.

Saucony Burger Shoes

Shawn Coolahan, 23, and Colin Waring, 29, have stayed in the Sault for more than a week. The siblings were returning to Fox Creek, Alta., after visiting family in Toronto and area. Ontario Provincial Police stopped their 2005 Grand Prix on Highway 17 in Aweres Township early on Aug. 14.

read this and I went, 'You've got to be kidding me.' Let's get them home. Come on. This is stupid, he said. know these guys need something. We're not there to judge. It's not fair for anyone to make a harsh judgment. said reaction from potential Saucony Camo Shoes

He says he reminded those who declined to chip in were once young and foolish too. not perfect, said Barnes. make mistakes. story prompted about 30 comments on The Sault Star's website and Facebook page by late Friday afternoon. Most readers didn't sympathize with the pair's plight.

Saucony Burger Shoes

The latter charge prompted an automatic week long seizure of Waring's car. The pair, with $700 in cash to cover their travel expenses, stayed at Comfort Suites and Conference Centre for three nights. When their money was spent, they moved to St. Vincent Place on Sunday. Waring said they had no line of credit or credit card to use or family members who could give them the necessary cash.

given us hope, Waring told Barnes. appreciate it so much. You've given us our life back. We get to go home. wanted the brothers to have a good memory of the Sault, and law enforcement, after Coolahan's arrest.

´╗┐Stranded brothers get a hand

Saucony Burger Shoes

helped me get back on my feet, said Barnes, 53. guess this is Saucony Kinvara 4 London

he loses his job, what road is he going to take? said Barnes. path is he going to go down if he loses his job? How is he going to look at police, period, not just in Sault Ste. Marie, but anywhere. This city is a good city. There's good people here. expects to have more cash to give Coolahan and Waring Saturday morning.

Saucony Burger Shoes

Saucony Burger Shoes

tell me people aren't giving them money, said Sheila Bailey Patrick on Facebook. money for stupid campaigns irritate me. was a drug addict and alcoholic in his youth. He remembers Saucony Burger Shoes spending a Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes

Saucony Burger Shoes

Saucony Burger Shoes

Saucony Burger Shoes

The women, who Waring said wanted to remain anonymous, covered the $841.79 bill.

donors was evenly split between helping and refusing because of the impaired driving charge.

Two brothers stranded in Sault Ste. Marie for a week are finally Alberta bound after several city residents donated cash to help them get back on the road.

week on city streets when he was a teenager in the mid 1970s. A city police officer and nurse from General Hospital came to his aid.

Saucony Burger Shoes

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