Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe

"But do you know what? We will get back. We've had a blow and in life that's what happens sometimes.

"There will be changes some players will come, some players will go but that will be with one thing in mind and that's to get back up."

Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe

Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe

Morgan would have gone up in everyones estimation if he had come down and took the critisism on the chin like a man. Or appologised to us fo rthe decisions they have made. Hiding away and signing off the year the way they did just shows they do not learn by there mistakes when it comes to bad decision making!

Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe

Morgan, speaking to the 650 guests paying from 95 a head at the club's end of season awards dinner at Telford International Centre, said: "The one thing about Wolves is that we're in great financial health and we will have a very good treasure chest when it comes to the playing side.

Moxey again said sorry for the hurt caused by the drop.

"But we hope to learn from our mistakes and we want to excite everyone."

Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe

otherwise we will end with nothing to show for Reebok Sale Shoes

Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe

Morgan insisted: "We are more committed than ever.

Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe

"The one thing we're determined to do is to get back up off the floor, pick ourselves up and get back to the Premier League."

Rrrrr Me Matey I got Ye a grand old Treasure chest the likes Ye av never seen before! Rrrrrr.

been this years investment + the money from the sales of our + a months worth of 1.50 per ticket admin charges on tickets and we could have quite a nice chest the express and star or maybe our nice Blogger talk about the absolutly disgusting way the Wolves said Thanks for the support after the Everton game? once around the centre circle and out they went. didn get that close at all. were they scared they would be jumped or something?

"I grew up as a Liverpool fan and I'm well divorced from that. But in my life supporting a club, I've never supported a team that's been relegated.

Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe

"I am a very poor loser and we have lost this year. We've had a bad time and we have to sort it out. We have to put a poor season behind us, get back to winning ways and get back to the Premier League."

"It's hard to explain. We've had horrific injuries, horrific decisions and we haven't quite been good enough this year," he said.

He spent millions on players over his time in charge and yes he a novice chairman. Give the guy a break. He was loyal to his manager and for that he paid a big Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe price. He made some bad decisions this year and he will learn from his mistakes. But dont drive him out the Club. Would you prefer the Venky in or maybe some half hearted American or Carson Yeung. Get a realiity check.

so mr morgan, you have learned a very painfull lesson. = dont try to play with the big boys by shopping at home bargains.


the tough times don't last. Like everyone we have made mistakes and for our relegation we must say sorry.

Multi millionaire Morgan revealed players will be bought and sold this summer but insisted the rebuilding will be done to return the relegated club to the Premier League as soon as possible. And chief executive Jez Moxey vowed to "excite" fans again.

Treasure chest, War chest. same old boaring rubbish. will it be the same 4m promised in the Jan window? Why don you take this 4m + what would have Reebok Gl 2620

a new back room team,new manager, and enough money to buy quality,ie, no more players from scotland/ireland leagues.

´╗┐Steve Morgan in pledge over transfer

and talkin about them lot, first it was claudio ranieri, now its chris houghton,then its terry connor, lol they dont know which way to turn. Firstly they must employ Poyet as manager and get Wilkins as his No2. This will fire the fans back up and get the Stadium rocking from the beginning of the season. Secondly, the new manager must be told to sort out the team, starting with the defence. Players like Stearman, Elokobi and Berra must be sold on and some quality brought in. The new manager must also try and keep the likes of Fletcher and Jarvis, which I believe could be achieved if other quality players are acquired.

Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe

Wolves chairman Steve Morgan today vowed to invest "a very good treasure chest" in reviving the team next season.

Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe

Morgan admitted "horrific decisions" had contributed to Wolves' relegation.

McCarthy wasted money on players like Van Damme, Milijas, Meirhoffer, Johnson and many others. Spent 5million on O 6 Million on Doyle, 7 million on Fletcher. Anyone who accuses Morgan of not investing is off there heads. McCarthy didnt do it and Morgan paid the price for his loyalty. The appointment of Connor was a mistake but he admits that and going down for a season or 2 might not be the worst plan. It didnt do the Baggies any harm. they learnt they needed positive football to make a impact in the Premier League. So lets just leave Morgan to get on with his Job and appoint a good manager. If we appoint Connor i will eat my words. he is not the man to take us forward. It think there will be big changes in hte summer. Wigan/Bolton/Blackburn have been battling relegation for years. Its not that much fun. Lets get behind the fact that we have a UK/English chairman with the right vision for improving us as a Club and moving us in the direction. this is minor setback in a longterm vision. But maybe getting relegated will finally mean that the changes required are made and appointing someone who has the knowledge and hunger to make it in the premier league. I for one am looking forward to challenging at the top of the table as opposed to battling at the bottom. My best season as a Wolves fan was promotion from the Championship and celebrating on the pitch at Barnsley. Lets be honest. In the grand scale of things are we really in such a mess. Financially strong, new training ground, new facilities and exciting new talent coming throught the ranks. If you want to win the league and compete for Europe go and support Man City, Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool, Spurs.

135 years of history a bit like the tescos.

Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe

get rid of connor(not his fault,but he is not a manager)

"We know how much relegation has hurt you because it has hurt us," he said. "But Reebok Blue And White Shoes

Reebok Question Mid Blue Toe

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