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It means three more years of battling young drivers, some of whom were just children when Ellis turned 50.

"He thought he was clear of me and so he pulled over in front of me," Ellis explained. "I realized it was going to be close, so instantly, I got out of the throttle and gave him room to get in."

Ellis began racing at age 22 at the old Fifth Line Speedway.

He's been competing ever since, with the exception of a two year span in the early 1980s, when Saucony Red And Black

"We want to have fun and the points will take care of themselves," said Ellis, who, along with lauding Soyatt's efforts, is also thankful for the contributions of racing consultants Mike Uhlman, Dennis's father, and Carl Punkari.

´╗┐Stock car driver Rick Ellis shows no signs of s

Saucony Triumph Iso 2

He talked of how he and his crew chief, John Soyatt, discussed the importance of simply enjoying themselves.

"As long as I'm competitive and as long as I'm enjoying it, I'll keep racing," he added. "I love the competition, I enjoy having control of the car, I like going fast and I very much enjoy the camaraderie with the other drivers. Every year when we fire up that engine, it gets my heart beating."

When you're a stock car driver about to celebrate your 69th birthday, as Rick Ellis will do Monday, you sometimes look for clues as to whether Father Time, like a young, hotshot driver, is gaining on you.

As for the future, Ellis spoke of how he'd like to hit 50 years in racing, which, for him, would equate to 45 years Saucony Shadow 9000

Saucony Triumph Iso 2

Saucony Triumph Iso 2

Saucony Triumph Iso 2

Saucony Triumph Iso 2

Ellis, known as a respected ambassador of stock car racing in these parts, was pleased with his season opening performance a week ago.

Running in the Modified Division feature, Ellis recalled how he and Dennis Uhlman were coming down the back Saucony Omni 15

he served as a crew member for Saucony Triumph Iso 2 Fred Page, who was racing at Onaway Speedway in Onaway, Mich., and a three year period when he got into track management.

After starting at the back in all three races, he won both of the Modified Division's heat races, before finishing second in the 20 lap feature.

Saucony Triumph Iso 2

And going, and going, and going.

Saucony Triumph Iso 2

That included stints at both Northern Raceways (the Old Fifth Line track), beginning in 1979, and at Kinross Speedpark, where Ellis and his buddy, Dennis Aho, got the Kinross, Mich., track started in 1995.

Saucony Triumph Iso 2

His total of 47 years involved in the sport is something Ellis is very proud of.

of running competitively.

That quick reaction "You don't have time to think about it, you just do it," Ellis said later told the racing veteran that he still has what it takes to effectively motor around the 1/3 mile oval. with racing to start one hour later. "My reflexes and peripheral vision are still good. That's what keeps me going."

"That's a milestone I'd like to achieve," he said.

"I love racing in my hometown," he said. "And I'm very, very happy to be back at Laird. I missed all of the fans and the people. That's a very important part of racing for me. I enjoy seeing everybody involved, including fans, track officials and the other drivers."

Running at both Kinross and in Onaway a year ago, Ellis won the Kinross track's Michigan Modified Division points championship. in 2011 due to a dispute with track owner Donnie Varcoe.

straightaway and Uhlman was outside of Ellis.

Asked about his goals this season, Ellis said competing for a points championship isn't necessarily among them.

Saucony Triumph Iso 2

Ellis, in his 42nd year as a driver, doesn't believe that's the case.

Saucony Triumph Iso 2

Saucony Triumph Iso 2

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