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who is missed.

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With every passing week, every new story about HS2 and its soaring costs, the case for this project becomes more and more flimsy.

a difference on the roads I don think.

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There is a far better, cheaper quicker alternative to HS2 which has been around for some time but the government are ignoring. That is HSUK which would serve far more cities that HS2 with far less damage to our countryside.

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I hope others will forgive my ignorance in this debate but why do we NEED it ? The M6 Toll has hardly been a roaring success as the continued congestion on the M6 clearly shows. Why is getting somewhere a little faster so important ? Why must it be built from public money in these times of austerity measures ?. If the demand is so necessary why doesn big business build it ?. Finally when there is such a huge amount of opposition why can those in power hear that opposition instead of continually adopting the I know best approach that angers the very people they (politicians) are supposed to represent.

´╗┐Stop HS2 while there is still time Express Star

They have consistently alienated their core supporters in counties like Staffordshire with their commitment to a scheme that few can see the benefits of.

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Interesting what you say about capacity issues on the WCML as if this is true with WCML being the second least used line in London after HS1.

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The Conservatives sacked their own vice chairman, the Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant, partly for his objection to a scheme his constituents are overwhelmingly against.

Labour are no better. Both the country's biggest parties are committed to this enormous piece Reebok Olive Green And White

That is, until the 50 billion high speed rail project HS2 gets built. Now the Archbishop's Council of the Church of England is having to call for safeguards to stop graves being dug up.

By the time the line opens, there will be a very severe capacity issue on the WCML and the lines connecting to it, due to the huge increase of freight using the rail network. More capacity cannot be added by adding more carriages ad infinitum, a new line will be needed.

What going to happen to all the other stations like Waterloo, Kings Cross Victoria which are far more crowded? HS2 won solve their problems will it. And as for frieght it thought it could reduce lorry traffic by 0.2%. Now that going to make Reebok Easytone Men

The economic recovery, while extremely welcome, is still fragile. It requires a series of bold, quick wins and not something whose benefits are not going to be felt until long after the current crop of senior politicians have left office.

David Cameron and his transport secretary, the Stafford born former Cannock Chase councillor Patrick McLoughlin, need to consider very carefully whether all of this will really be worth it.

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While I agree that the government are brushing people concerns about the route of the line to one side, it needs to be built and there will always be objections to it. HS2 won be an unused transport link like the M6 Toll which is missing its targets by a wide margin, so it money well spent.

With the damage the line will cause as it ploughs through the countryside, knocks down homes that people have worked and saved for, tears up profitable businesses that lie in its way and potentially forces the dead to be moved from their graves, it is time to stop the HS2 train before it pulls too far out of the station.

For all the concerns over HS2 and the path it will cut through England in the name of slightly faster journey times to and from London, Reebok Nano 4 it must surely be one of the most serious.

But the line will not even begin running until 2026.

of public spending the biggest rail project since the Victorian era but have failed to persuade the public why it is so necessary.

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The promise is new jobs and faster journey times as well as cutting the overcrowding and soaring fares on rail services up and down the land.

This is not a case of disruption to businesses or the loss of homes both of which should have already given MPs reason to reconsider but of the disturbance of a place that marks the life and passing of someone who was loved, who was mourned and Reebok G Unit Trainers

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