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A parking incident near Nelson Heights nearly turned tragic on June Saucony Iso Freedom 1. A five year old Cold Lake girl was injured in a collision with a motorcycle while she walked across a crosswalk. The girl suffered a broken leg in the accident after a truck driver had illegally parked within five metres of the crosswalk that blocked the view of the motorcycle driver. The owner of the truck was ticketed for the violation.

enforcement and the possibility of creating more readily available storage, Copeland said. is an issue council will take a serious look at because it can affect the safety of our neighbourhoods and our residents quality of life. is expected to review the Municipal Code and a new Traffic Bylaw that could potentially impact the situation in the upcoming weeks, but in the meantime, peace officers have been instructed to be assertive when dealing with the current parking bylaws.

can expect drivers to fix (the problem) unless you start ticketing them more, said Bateman.

City of Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland said the residential parking concerns in the city anything Reebok Supreme

Saucony Iso Freedom

The switch was a decision mainly due to public safety, as angle parking was deemed to be an situation, city officials say.

Levesque also stated that she doesn see how peace officers will be able to sternly enforce the parking bylaws unless they have someone constantly patrolling the street.

Saucony Iso Freedom

The petition was created because their customers are with the changed parking and it helps to give their customers a voice. It will run until the end of the month.

Saucony Iso Freedom

Saucony Iso Freedom

new but it time to take a look at the best way to approach this problem.

bylaw currently allows for a $30 fine. In light of the discussion at the last council meeting, however, councillors can take this Municipal Code review as an opportunity to discuss whether the bylaw and fines match the scope of the problem they see in the community. noted that, if left unaddressed, residential parking problems are likely to grow with the City.

Cold Lake downtown core converted from angle parking to parallel parking on May 14, 2014, which caused a commotion among residents.


Saucony Iso Freedom

Councillor Chris Vining expressed his thoughts of the current situation of residential parking at the June 10 regular meeting, saying it is issue and asked if there would be any cracking down or bylaw enforcement.

Last week, a 50th Avenue building between 52 and 53 streets was leveled to make way for a parking lot, anticipated to have an estimated 18 stalls.

The controversial switch sparked a petition, that can be found in many downtown businesses, to local downtown businesses opposing the parallel parking.

Saucony Iso Freedom

There are downtown business workers who say they won be signing the petition, like Sherry Levesque, a realtor at Royal LePage downtown, who thinks that it safer now than it was before.

Stiffer enforcement of residential parking is on the way, the City of Cold Lake says.

The City General Manager of Community Services, Christine McWillis, said she and Nagoya had not had the opportunity to strategize with the bylaw officers on the direction they will take to deal with such concerns.

will consider more education, Reebok Red And Black

Saucony Iso Freedom

A growing concern of residents ignoring regulations with campers, boats, trailers and vehicles being parked Reebok Suede Maroon

The petition was started by Nancy Butt, owner of Funky Butt Sandra Cloutier, owner of Celeste Accessories, and Jamie Bateman, owner of Polished Pumpkins, who don think Main Street is any safer.

where they shouldn be or for too long have stirred complaints as well as public safety questions.

Saucony Iso Freedom

City of Cold Lake current Municipal Code has a provision that no motorhomes, trailers or other recreational vehicles will be parked on the road for more than 24 hours, Cold Lake Chief Administrative Officer, Kevin Nagoya, said.

Saucony Iso Freedom

´╗┐Stricter enforcement coming to existing parking by

Saucony Iso Freedom

The Cold Lake Sun made several attempts to contact the Peace Officer department at City Hall to inquire about what their priorities are moving forward with downtown future, but calls went unreturned.

Saucony Iso Freedom

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