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The hospital's rehabilitation team includes a doctor, nurses, a physiotherapist, Reebok Supreme Run

better, and optimize their potential to return to the community eventually," she says. "(The beds) also help with the alternate level of case pressure."

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The goal of this rehabilitation program is to assist the patient in their independence.

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"There is a gap in the system for post acute stroke (care)," she says. "Glengarry had bed capacity they didn't have in Cornwall."

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able to successfully send some of them back home, in their own communities. That has been a good success. It's like a yo yo: there are high seasons and low season of strokes."

Common side effects of stokes are paralysis or weakness of one side of the body, vision problems, and difficulty in speaking, reading, writing or understanding language. Other symptoms could also include fatigue, incontinence, depression or emotional changes.

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Mageau Pinard also says the hospital utilizes contract social workers, when and if required.

Mageau Pinard says the six beds will assist in alleviating some of this burden.

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"(Putting on) shoes and getting dressed is the biggest part," says Mageau Pinard. "They are taught how to be able to do it themselves. The goal is to allow them to do as much as they can for themselves."

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"It's important for patients to be able to get Reebok Answer 4

Patients also attend physiotherapy in order to improve mobility, which includes learning how to walk and perform transfers such as getting in and out of the bathtub. Patients also run through two or three disciplines per day.

The Saucony Shadow Black goal is to have the patient occupying the bed for 45 days, though some people stay more or less time, depending on their recovery.

Mageau Pinard says the program is "very realistic," encouraging patients to set attainable goals for themselves.

"One of the questions asked is 'what do you want to accomplish by the time you get out there?'" she says. "You have got to be realistic."

"We've had referrals coming in from Ottawa and Winchester and Cornwall," she says. "We've been Reebok Maroon Shoes

´╗┐Stroke rehab unit up and running at Glengarry M

When patients rise in the morning, they are assisted by various staffers.

an occupational therapist, a speech language pathologist, a pharmacist and pharmacy assistant, a dietitian, a recreation department, as well as community partners, such as the Community Care Access Centre and the Seaway Valley Community Health Centre. The latter duo assist the hospital with social worker services.

In a press release issued from the hospital, patient John Kirby writes the program provides easy access to his family, who live in the region.

"As it is a rural hospital, it also provides a sense of community and support network that is able to share my values and work towards my goals," he writes.

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"It's a huge group of people working together towards the ultimate goals of trying to get patients back to the community," she says.

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Mageau Pinard says patients typically spend two to three hours per day performing active.

ALEXANDRIA The Glengarry Memorial Hospital's post acute stroke rehabilitation program has been admitting patients since early fall, and Chantal Mageau Pinard, occupational therapy manager at the hospital, says the program has been running "quite well" thus far.

The program is still in its infancy, but Linda Morrow, chief executive officer, says a strategic planning session will be held with the hospital board in order to discuss the potential of expanding.

As Mageau Pinard explains, rehabilitation is an important part of recovery following a stroke. While it can't cure damage to the brain, rehabilitation can assist patients' re learn the best possible use of the body.

Discussions with the Champlain Local Health Integration Network will also have to unfold before the hospital is able to examine the potential of expansion, Morrow adds. "It's certainly something we're looking at," she says. "We have a large geriatric population. Getting rehab, in general, is helpful, and (there needs to be) more focus on mobility than acute care."

"That's the ultimate goal. This program has quite intense rehab time. We want to give everybody a fair chance at rehab."

Six beds designated for people from the eastern counties who have suffered recent strokes opened in August of last year, with the first patient being admitted on Sept. 15. To date, 32 people have used the program. Currently, all six beds are occupied, and a short waiting list is in effect. Mageau Pinard says that list often fluctuates, in terms of size, but adds she "can't say the waiting list is a problem."

When a patient occupies a hospital bed, but does not require the intensity of the resources provided in this setting, they are designated as ALC. As of mid March, there were 31 inpatient surgical cancellations at the Cornwall Community Hospital due to this pressure.

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