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´╗┐Still helping

Red Cross volunteers from Sault Ste. Marie continue to do their part as Calgary and southern Alberta try to dry out from last month's flooding.

Diane Lajambe, Sault branch manager for the Red Cross, said the Sault could see more deployments, with around six more people with Red Cross credentials having applied for duty.

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Lajambe said McCoy reported in an e mail that there is still much work to be done.

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Red Cross volunteers aren't the only Saultites in Alberta.

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Though not volunteers, restoration workers and equipment from the Sault were also dispatched to Calgary and High River to work with insurance companies on the cleanup.

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parts of Calgary and other communities flooded.

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Osborne is one of five volunteers from the Sault branch of the Canadian Red Cross who were deployed to southern Alberta after days of heavy rain in late June left large Reebok Brown Suede Trainers

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Reebok Running Shoes

shelter for evacuees.

McCoy, Megan Douglas, Kelly Turner and Sheila Campbell.

really sees the power of community there's neighbours helping each other, cleaning basements, doing whatever they can, said Lajambe.

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Seven employees of First General Services from the Sault are in Alberta, with six more ready to go if needed, said Rico Briglio, president of First General Services locations in the Sault, Sarnia and Windsor. He said it's part of a nationwide catastrophe plan the company has.

People I work with are exceptionally dedicated volunteers, said Osborne.

This is Osborne's second deployment. He joined the Red Cross three years ago and was deployed last spring when heavy rain caused flooding in Thunder Bay, Ont.

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many, what we do means the difference between having a meal or not, and having a place to sleep or not, he said. can see it first hand, looking into someone's eyes. said many of the volunteers he has met have taken vacation time from work to do what they're doing. He said the 150 or so Red Cross volunteers he is working with are a group fo motivated, sincere and capable people.

Osborne expected Thursday that he would be among a group of volunteers sent to High River, a community about 45 kilometres from Calgary which saw some of the worst devastation from flood waters.

at the shelter I was at were very positive about getting back to their homes, their apartments, and getting their lives back together, said Osborne, 62, in a phone call from Calgary on Thursday.

He said he will be part of a team going door to door to see what help people need and to assess damage to homes.

He said it's good to see first hand the effect donations to the Red Cross have had on the ground. It's also gratifying to see that what he is doing is appreciated by those whose lives have been essentially washed away by the flood waters.

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He said the shelter, which was set up in a high school gym, was closed down as the people Reebok Running Shoes it housed were given permission to return to their homes.

Currently in Alberta are Sault volunteers Osborne, Bev Reebok Ortholite Womens Reviews

Art Osborne has been in Calgary working as a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross since Canada Day and spent Tuesday night working at a Saucony Courageous Red

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