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Samir Sinha was appointed earlier this year to lead a consultation process across Ontario and provide recommendations to develop a Seniors Care Strategy to help older Ontarians stay healthy and live at home longer and receive the right Saucony Grid 9000 Wheat

Sinha knows there is no one fit for the entire province.

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Other issues raised in Northern and rural communities include housing and transportation, where those options in smaller communities are more limited and challenging to the North, he said.

as confidentiality remain an issue, he said.

job is to remove the barriers, provide support and guidance to allow that innovation to take off, he said.

need better enhancement to meet the needs of older adults living here, he said.

It's the innovation itself that will happen at the local level with each community developing its own solutions, he said.

A provincial Seniors Care Strategy expected to be released this fall needs to ensure that health care dollars are spent wisely and communities are given the tools to help aging adults get the information and services they need to stay healthy.

Sinha's report is due to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in the fall. It's expected that the ministry will review the report and approve the recommendations for implementation through the LHINs.

´╗┐Strategy should focus on care for seniors

province has already created some technological solutions such as integrated assessment records where information is shared, he said.

Health care and social service providers need to get together to develop more innovative housing options for adults in the North and share their information to help clients differently.


Reebok Trainers

Reebok Trainers

goal of the consultation process is to understand the challenges and the opportunities available and determine where the province can help, he said.

Reebok Trainers

Aging adults want to learn more about their own health and how to get the information they or their loved ones need to continue living in the own homes.

For service providers there are still challenges that include the sharing of information between health Reebok Trainers care providers and social services and improvements need to be made to help providers work more efficiently and together, Sinha said.

Sinha said his report and recommendations will address what changes or policy legislation need to be made to facilitate the care that older adults need and want.

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Sinha is the director of Geriatrics at Mount Sinai and the University Health Network Hospitals in Toronto.

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care, at the right time.

Reebok Trainers

But a focus on older adults health, wellness and prevention and ensuring they have the opportunity to get the information they need to stay healthy, is something that the province can participate in through supports offered by the Ministry of Health, he said.

Sinha said that the ministry can ensure that its policies encourage local innovation and ensure that it understands the needs of aging adults and ensures barriers are removed.

Reebok Trainers

Challenges such Saucony Universal Works

There have been more than 5,000 responses to the consultations from adults, caregivers and the health care sector, he said.

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Sinha said the issues about senior health care are similar province wide.

Stakeholders in Sault Ste. Marie were offered an opportunity to provide their input Wednesday as the 12th of 14 local health integration networks (LHINs) visited.

Reebok Trainers

Reebok Trainers

Sinha believes that technology and the sharing of information will be included in his report to provide better care to adults.

Reebok Trainers

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