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To come up with the $2,000 figure, Perry calculated the rates based on an average home sales value, which is much higher than the average taxable value.

"The last bit of advice we're telling them is 'go to talk to your legislator.' This is where it has to be changed or improved or rethought," she said.

"I understand that property taxes are a part of home ownership and everybody needs to pay their share," said Barnett, who plans to vote for Perry this year. "If my taxes end up going up, the way I view it is, they would have gone up a whole lot more if they hadn't reduced the rate."

After Perry's television ad and similar campaigning from Republicans across the state, "the expectation levels were raised high and obviously, they're not going to be met by the average homeowner," Republican Bettencourt said.


But Denis Dunagan feels cheated.

Once the bills have been explained, confusion frequently turns to anger, Romo said.

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"Big difference," Bettencourt said. "The number was over 60 percent too high to begin with."

Still, political experts don't expect Perry's optimistic tax calculation to be a killshot.

In Bexar County, most homeowners have already received their bills. While the numbers vary between each of the school districts in the county, homeowners in one of the largest districts, Northside, on average owe about $27 more this year.

Barnett said he's pleased that Perry appointed a task force to study methods of curbing runaway appraisals.

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Mike Barnett, an east Dallas homeowner, hasn't gotten his tax bill yet, but he expects an overall increase because his home has been appraised at a higher value this year. Tax rates are calculated based on home value.

Still, without the new tax legislation, those factors would have left homeowners with an even higher bill.

he's going to be re elected in a couple of weeks," said Jon Taylor, chairman of the political science department at University of St. Thomas in Houston.

Black, Perry's spokesman, acknowledges that the sales number they used was higher than other estimates.

salaries. Lawmakers did not address the second part of school property taxes, called Interest and Sinking, which funds long term projects like construction.

Perry's campaign contends Reebok Answer that while some homeowners see an overall tax hike, property tax bills would have been even higher had the school rates not been reduced.

"Seniors are not going to be seeing any difference and they're the ones who always complained and had concerns," Romo said. Because of the freeze, "they are not going to enjoy this so called reduction in their property taxes."

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Callers initially are confused. Staffers explain to them that the Legislature only reduced one part of the school property tax the part that pays for day to day operations like teacher Reebok One

"The governor, unless he robs a bank, Saucony End Burger

Bettencourt won't send tax notices until November, but on average, a Harris County resident who owns a home in the Houston school district will be paying about $169 more this year.

The landmark tax overhaul approved by the Legislature earlier this year is meant to reduce school property taxes by about a third over the next two years. This year, complicating factors like increased property value, higher city and county taxes and bonds for school building construction will eat away the reduction in school maintenance and operation tax rates, leaving most homeowners with an overall tax hike.

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´╗┐Strayhorn claims most homeowners will see an increase in property tax bills

The Fort Worth homeowner's total tax bill is $414 more this year than it was last year. The almost $4,000 tax bill hit Dunagan's mailbox a day after he watched the Perry Reebok For Women 2018

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Tax Assessor Collector Sylvia Romo, a Democrat, is feeling the fallout.

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"The first week that tax bills went out, my phone started ringing," Romo said. "They thought my office had made some mistake."

The office also fields calls from senior citizens, who don't understand why they didn't see a change in their tax rate. The rate cut did not apply to most elderly homeowners, who can freeze their tax bills at the amount that is due the year they turn 65.

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"Don't go running to your mailbox because it's not going to be there," said independent gubernatorial candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn. "At best it's $50 but most people are seeing an increase."

Plus, school districts were given the option to immediately raise their rates four cents. That means homeowners in some districts will only get a 13 cent reduction in the operations rate this year, rather than the advertised 17 cent reduction.

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