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Reebok Answer 3

Reebok Answer 3

"The family is the smallest group of the society," Mallahwas fond of saying. Thus, as caretakers of families and teachers of children, therole of women in society is very significant.

Strength Behind the Veil

Nevertheless, Jamali is helping to spearhead a quiet revolutionin her home country of Iran. Along with colleagues from the University of Tehran,she is launching the country's first environmental law program. She also co foundedone of Iran's most active non governmental organizations (NGOs), the Women's SocietyAgainst Environmental Pollution. environmentalmovement, a David Brower or a John Muir," says Bern Johnson, executive directorof the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (E LAW), which sponsored Jamali's visitto Eugene. And few are aware of the country's burgeoningenvironmental activism. Concerned about air pollution and other environmentalproblems, she wanted to organize a Reebok Question Low Red

But Percival adds, "It was very heartening to see that a thrivingcivil society has begun to emerge in Iran, despite the immense political problemsthe country still faces."

As director of E LAW, Johnson works with many activists aroundthe world operating in difficult circumstances while trying to build a sustainablefuture. Founded in Eugene in 1989, E LAW works to help public interest lawyers andscientists get the resources they need to protect the environment through law. Currently,the organization serves nearly 300 grassroots lawyers and scientists in 60 countries.

The lack of regulations and public knowledge about environmentalmatters sparked Jamali's own interest in environmental education. While studyinggeography at the University of Tehran during the 1960s, she spent time on the outskirtsof the city and saw firsthand how sprawl was affecting the landscape and rural communities.

Reebok Answer 3

Reebok Answer 3

E LAW arranged for Jamali to visit Eugene for 10 weeks last fallto build organizational support for environmental NGOs in Iran, while auditing lawclasses such as "citizen enforcement" and "public lands policy."

Reebok Answer 3

a room.

After earning a master's degree in rural and regional resourcesplanning in 1974 from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, Jamali began workingat the University of Tehran's Institute of Environmental Studies.

Reebok Answer 3

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She doesn't call attentionto herself or cause a stir when she walks into Saucony Kineta Wool

group of women to work on these issues.

Upon returning to Iran, Jamali successfully convinced male deansat her university that the program was a good idea. Then she proceeded to make ithappen. She got funding from Search for Common Ground to hold the environmental lawworkshop with Johnson and Percival, who say they were wowed by her brains and determination. and elsewhere, has been the result of the courageous actions of extraordinaryindividuals," says Percival. "Victoria Jamali is one Reebok Answer 3 of these remarkablepeople. Her life has been enormously disrupted by revolution, war and the oppressivepolicies of a radical theocracy. Despite the incredible obstacles facing Iranianwomen who seek to promote social change, Victoria has been a tireless crusader forenvironmental justice. Though this has been a lonely crusade at times, she now hasgrowing support for her efforts, which our trip was designed to help facilitate."

"I could see the effects of population expansion and development,"she explains, "how they are related to each other and how they work."

Reebok Answer 3

Reebok Answer 3

Today, the group Jamali and Mallah founded has more than 2,500members and publishes a bilingual journal, Cry of the Earth. And as Iraniansociety has become more open, especially over the last five years, close to 250 otherenvironmental NGOs have sprung up and grown. Grand predators such as the Persian cheetahthat dwell in the central mountainous regions are in trouble, along with other endemicspecies. And the Caspian Sea, a body of water bordered by several nations, includingIran, is losing the Caspian salmon, Caspian seal, and important caviar producingfish, due to over fishing and pollution.

Reebok Answer 3

Tehran school girls, key to Iran'sfuture, admire photos of American children. environmental law at theUniversity of Tehran last May (along with E LAW's Bern Johnson).

the institute had to make some changes after the IslamicRevolution in 1979, it was able to persist and even expand, especially after themore moderate Khatami Mohammad was elected president in 1997. "We kept thiscenter alive," Jamali says. "There was a need for knowledge about the environment."But sometimes knowledge is not enough. Now that Iranian civic lifehas begun to open up, Jamali wants to give citizens the tools to protect the environmentas well as to understand its problems. Now as director of environmental researchat the University of Tehran, she wants to train Iran's scholars and activists inAmerican style environmental law. The conference was sponsored by the non profit organization Searchfor Common Ground and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. She realized that law was an arena where activists couldwield some power.

Reebok Answer 3

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