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In 1964, St. Joseph Island captured Wallace heart. With permission from his wife, Fran, the a 100 acre lot of hard maple trees on the P Line in Jocelyn Township was purchased.

Kent said the harsh winter should Reebok Blue And White

Saucony Collaborations

Saucony Collaborations

it hovers around 2 C or 3 C, we get a run, but up on the mountain won he said. it goes slower, hopefully (mountain area producers) will get a run later on. But, then again, there is a warm front that moves through and everyone ends on the same day anyway. The later the season, the more chance of that. of last Saturday, no one on the island was making syrup; many, including Kent, have flushed their lines. Gilbertson Enterprises, a major producer, boiled off a small lot. Kent said he has not heard of anyone in Northern Ontario, or as far south as the Orillia and Barrie, making maple syrup.

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Saucony Collaborations

The bush was thinned out in 1998, leaving many small trees. In recent years, undergrowth made it difficult to see what was in the bush. Unwanted brush was removed.

not affect overall syrup production.

Saucony Collaborations

Kent also recorded making syrup as late as the first of May, not having started that year until April 5.

Kent, describing the syrup season, so far, as fashioned, has not noticed any tree damage due to extreme cold temperatures. Damage can occur with the thaw and hard freeze.

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this much invested, you just have to wait it out, but be ready to go when it hits, Kent said. at the long range weather, it going to start first Saucony Collaborations part of April. quick thaw will end maple syrup making quickly and, the later things move into April, the greater the chance of a quick thaw, he added.

Other years have not been as good, especially when it been very dry.

the way the spring breaks, Kent said in a recent interview. we have a slow melt, gradually getting a degree warmer every day, it will have a good year and run right through April. But a quick warm up will shut you down in a hurry, the only problem with a late year. producers can survive Saucony Pink And Brown

As a young boy, the Richards Landing resident remembers helping at the Wallace homestead where maple syrup had been made since the mid 1700s.

A portion of Kent sugar bush is located in a sandy bottom and needs snow. Last fall saw a large volume of rainfall and this winter snow Reebok Red And Black

can have a good season inside of three weeks, Kent said, adding the average season is three weeks. don spend time anywhere else, you here 20 hours a day. You want to start when it starts and stay at it until it done. Wallace learned the traditions of maple sugaring while establishing Mountain Maple Products 50 years ago. It now a way of life.

bush isn frozen, so when it milds up, (sap) will run, Kent said. worse for the bush when there is no snow and cold weather. That bad. consistently cold weather may have saved the bush from severe damage.

runs really good when the snow is deep, he said.

there are hundreds and hundreds of trees in there we never tapped, said Kent, whose operation was established in 1919. small trees left behind in 1998 are now being tapped. year, Kent increased the number of trees tapped by 3,000, to about 12,000.

Operating with the more environmentally friendly water vacuum pumps cannot kick off in cold weather.

will depend on the days, he said. ground is not frozen and, if it warms up just to 2 C, our bush will run. bushes across the island can vary in temperatures.

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It all began with the Wallace clan from Hemmingford, Que.

The worse year was 2010, which warmed quickly and shut operations down early. Historically, by mid April, syrup making is done. Outcomes are not known before the season begins.

Much of the island bush is currently blanketed with as much as four feet of snow. Temperature and the location of the bush itself contribute to overall production.

Lynn Kent said the winter was a old fashion maple syrup season with a usual start up. The Richards Landing producer said that, in years past, the earliest start saw the nearly century old operation fire up on Feb. 18 ,1998, with the first boil one day later.

Saucony Collaborations

you have this many taps, you have to (boil) in a hurry, Kent said, adding the complete system, from vacuum pumps to reverse osmosis, can produce 30 gallons in one hour.

could yield well.

Saucony Collaborations

a heat wave depending on the amount of snow in the bush, he said.

Saucony Collaborations

Saucony Collaborations

Saucony Collaborations

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