Saucony Black And Green

Saucony Black And Green

in England I do it because people enjoy it; I do it at all special occasions like weddings and anniversaries. People tell me to write their names in amongst the symbols, birthdays and special messages.

Saucony Black And Green

Saucony Black And Green

is the heart of Lincoln for both tourists and locals. Saucony Black And Green People come up Steep Hill and stop to catch their breath and I give them something beautiful and unique to look at, Janak said.

for people to enjoy and hopefully it will make everybody happy, he said.

Janak Chauchan uses marble power for his street art, which washes away in the rain. Photo: Dale Benton for The Lincolnite

symbols have many different meanings but to me at the end of the day something should look good Saucony Courageous Pack

Saucony Black And Green

Saucony Black And Green

cultural significances, with it being considered an important part of spirituality in Indian life.

The symbols are created with marble powder and can also be done with sand and even starch powder, but Janak uses marble to make his patterns stand out.

Saucony Black And Green

´╗┐Street artist covers Lincoln in Indian culture

Saucony Black And Green

Saucony Black And Green

Rangoli is a traditional folk art originating from India and is used as a symbol of religious and cultural beliefs.

Each symbol has a different meaning. When the symbols have lines within them, it is to show the serpent crawling in the sand, which in turn represents the flowing of life.

use white marble milky white. I generally do it with a colour background to make the marble stand out but I can do it here, as if it Saucony Womens Shoes

Saucony Black And Green

Saucony Black And Green

Rangoli artist Janak Chauchan is originally from India and lives in Nettleham, near Lincoln. Photo: Dale Benton for The Lincolnite

rains the powder will stain the cobbled pathway. unique patterns have many different Saucony Vintage

After three years of coming to Lincoln, Ranak has nothing but praise for the city and the people he meets: people here in Lincoln are good natured. The White Hart Hotel accommodate me well and Lincoln BIG also look after me when I here.

This is not his first visit to Lincoln; Janak has been a regular feature in the city for the last three years, using the backdrop of Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln Castle to compliment the artwork.

Used for decoration, Rangoli often coincides with the celebration of Indian new year or Diwali the Indian Festival of Lights.

Saucony Black And Green

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