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His move is expected to see George Elokobi return at left back for his first Premier League start of the season.

prefer to keep Ward at left back and play 4 5 1 if necessary as I don fancy Wright Phillips against Elokobi but if Mick plays him up front I will be fully behind the lad.

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Pinny pinching in the Transfer market has left us no stronger than we were at the end of last season.

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Ive said this time and time again, it happened last year at Stoke a couple of injuries and we are threadbare.

No 4. Your message is hugely disrespectful to Ward. OK there have been a number of times in the past where he has struggled and in my opinion should not have been in the team.

Wolves' 'Superman' Stephen Ward today insisted he is ready to fly against Queens Park Rangers.

Steven Fletcher is doubtful with the groin injury sustained in last Saturday's 2 0 defeat to Tottenham, having failed to train fully yesterday.

"They've all got such ability and knowledge of the role that wherever they tell me to go to, I will go."3 options

because scoring goals is all based on confidence. At least our defence is solid and if Vokes up front doesnt work, replace him with Kightly or Milijas and push someone up behind Doyle.

However this season he has been outstanding and fully deserves his place in the side. The guy may not be the most talented player ever but I fully appreciate his willingness to work hard for the team and play anywhere that is asked of him.

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Bob Wolf I seem to remember you slagging Flethcer off when he first came. Does this mean you changed your mind

If I not mistaken I seem to remember that when he played up front on a couple of occasions last season he did very well.

What if god forbid, we have two or three of the first team players out.

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Doyle on his own which I didn want to see again so early in the season and not against a relegation rival.

Doyle and Vokes upfront. Leaves no strikers on the bench because Ward will start left back. Yes Ward can come up later if we need to but I rather have fresh legs off the bench.

Which leaves Ward and Doyle up front. If we need a goal then Vokes can come on later with fresh legs and if we need to defend Ward can go back and we haven got to make a substitution then. Sounds like a perfect solution for me.

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And, with Sylvan Ebanks Blake still out with a knee injury, Ward hugely impressive at left back so far this season and dubbed Superman by boss Mick McCarthy for his ability to play anywhere is ready for a switch up front.

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Bob Wolf You obviously havent seen us play this season, as if you had you would know that Ward has been consistently top class playing at left back. Having seen him play up front a few times last season, I am more than confident if he is chosen to play there again.

As for strikers, we are down two now what happens if another gets injured, we find it hard enough to score goals as it is.

obvious option for esp way he was playing in the role last season, vokes, how many chances did he miss before he eventually put one away at northampton, sorry mate not good enough yet,imo.

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A repeat of what has already been covered, if Vokes isnt good enough, why keep him/put him in the squad? This is very poor man management by MM because Ward is already brimming with confidence, playing so well at LB so let Vokes start up front with Saucony Red And Cream Doyle and build his confidence Saucony Mirage 4

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i d like to see sam get a start . in the past there have been times when he s looked good . if he could get a goal and get some confidence back , we could have another good strong center forward to call on . we ve got more chance of him connecting with jarvo or hunty against qpr than away at liverpool next week . i think that mick will start him . thats why he bought him on for injured fletch last week . he knows that wardy is the best to deal with s w p . he bought sam for the future and its that time now . important times for the welsh lad and that could help him raise his game . UP THE WOLVES

Yes ward is ok as a fill in player and he has played well this season, but he is still not a dedicated left which is what we have desperately needed since MM came in.

He said: "It might take a couple of minutes to get my bearings, but I think with the quality of strikers we have here, it's always going to be easy to play with them.

We have 4 senior strikers not including Ward on our books which when compared with most other clubs, is the norm. Sometimes we will get injuries to key players and we have to deal with them just like other clubs, but that is one of the reasons why Ward is fantastic for our squad.

Obviously we do not have the squad MM thought we had if we are chopping and changing already, with just one player out.

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Saucony Red And Cream

Maierhofer not been sold, he would have been 4th choice. The Club knew in August that Sylvan was injured and neither Doyle nor Fletcher have impeccable appearance records. The strenghth in depth of our squad is not as good as some would have us believe.

´╗┐Stephen Ward ready for striker role Express Star

If Vokes is not the automatic pick to replace Fletcher, then it means Vokes is not considered good enough. This is our 3rd season in the Premiership and we should have added a better standard 4th striker than Vokes. He disappointed last year at Championship level and I believe he is in the squad by default rather than by merit. Had Reebok Furylite Grey White

Wolves could opt to play Kevin Doyle on his own up front but, either way, Ward reckons the players are ready to adapt.

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