Reebok Kids Shoes

Reebok Kids Shoes

Reebok Kids Shoes

Reebok Kids Shoes

Murie said he hopes that within a couple of years this law will come into effect nationwide. According to Murie, Ontario is the fourth province to adopt the law behind Reebok Kids Shoes Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Astor suggested the focus should be more squarely on the scores of drivers who have already committed alcohol related offences than on those who have a clean record.

Strict new law for young drivers and alcohol

Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne announced Monday that under the new provincial legislation, drivers 21 and under who are found to have consumed alcohol will receive a 24 hour roadside suspension, a fine of up to $500 and a 30 day licence suspension.

Reebok Kids Shoes

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada CEO Andrew Murie made the announcement with Wynne at police headquarters in Toronto.

In the last 10 years, she added, 235 drivers under the age of 21 died.

to Saucony All Black Shoes

complete after an Ontario resident aged 16 or older goes for a driving test.

CORNWALL Starting Sunday, it will be a young driver's age that will determine how much alcohol they can consume, not the class of the driver's license, which for drivers 21 and Saucony Guide 7

"I feel like I have the right to be able to make certain decisions, instead of them being made for me," said the 21 year old. "I don't feel I should be painted with a brush that paints youths as offenders, or volatile."

Wynne said statistics show that drivers aged 19 21 are almost one and a half times more likely to be involved in drinking and driving fatal injury crashes in comparison to other drivers.

"When a quarter of all fatal collisions in Ontario involve a drinking driver we know that there is more that we can do," said Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne.

Reebok Kids Shoes

Reebok Kids Shoes

A second offense under the new zero tolerance approach leads to a 90 day suspension, while a third offense could lead to the cancellation of the offender's license.

Long Sault resident Chad Astor believes the new legislation is well meaning, but somewhat insulting on another level.

The two step graduated licensing process takes at least 20 months Saucony Black And Tan

Reebok Kids Shoes

The new law even applies to young drivers who already have their full G licence, and would previously have been allowed to have small amounts of alcohol in their systems.

Now, it's only drivers 22 and older with a G licence that can have a blood alcohol level of 0.5% and escape penalty.

Reebok Kids Shoes

Astor said he may have the occasional drink, but it's a responsibility in his hands and one inherent to driving and earning a licence.

Reebok Kids Shoes

Reebok Kids Shoes

younger means total sobriety behind the wheel.

Reebok Kids Shoes

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