Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet

Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet

"Different businesses have specials to encourage people to come down and shop. Our point of view would be shop local and see what kind of unique opportunities you have in the local scene," Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet Mansfield said.

Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet

for other stuff."

Krezek urges locals to discover "our merchants can offer great deals too." It's in everybody's interest, he said.

they rely on that," Mansfield said.

One third are also planning to spend more than they did last year. The average bargain hunter is expected to spend $242 between Friday and Monday, up from $226 in 2009.

Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet

"I truly believe they might have one good deal, but the same price for everything else. They might have 10 loss leaders of something that only 10 people get and then you're shopping Reebok Nano 2.0 Mens

He doesn't believe the event is getting any bigger, although "it's always been the biggest day of the year."

a community of 80,000 people just three minutes across the bridge. I believe Reebok Pump Shoes Womens

Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet

Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet

"It helps our tax base. If we generate revenue in our community, that money goes back out into our infrastructure. If it goes into another country, we as Ontarians and Sault Ste. Marie residents lose it."

She reminded shoppers many more retailers will be celebrating the start of the holiday shopping season, with the Downtown Association hosting a Christmas Open House Friday and Saturday. The town is also hosting a Christmas parade Friday, followed by the annual lighting of the city's Christmas tree.

A strong Canadian dollar is also translating into more greenbacks for United States retailers.

Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet

Mansfield suggested the day's seemingly more breathless coverage with each passing year is "more of a product of media hype."

As stock markets opened Tuesday, the Canadian dollar was trading at 97.93, down 0.37 cents from the day before. It briefly reached parity Nov. 5.

Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet

With a population of 15,000 in the Michigan Sault, "when somebody is considering opening up a business, they take into consideration we have Reebok Nano

The manager of the Sault, Mich., JCPenney, Kevin Stoltz, acknowledged a "good sized percentage" of his customer base comes from the other side of the border, although he could not estimate how much.

Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet

´╗┐Strong loonie a boost for cross

"I think a lot of people get caught up in the hype," Cale Krezek said.

Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet

New research suggests more Canadians will be staying home this Friday and shopping from there. For the last several years that the Internet has been around, Black Friday has been book ended by Cyber Monday, the marketing term for the following Monday, when online retailers offer special deals. But online appears to be taking over Black Friday, too (along with everything else in society).

The numbers don't lie. on the International Bridge the only reliable way to measure cross border shopping was up 8.5% at the end of October from the same time last year. greenback for much of that time.

They'll be relying on it in a couple of days. Black Friday, the day after American Thanksgiving, officially kick starts the holiday shopping season south of the border, and is so named because it's supposed to be the day on which shoppers pull retailers out of the red. border towns to take advantage of deals.

The president of the local Chamber of Commerce has never participated himself.

Stoltz said there has been "a lot of anticipation already," with "a lot of people asking for the flyer ahead of time so they can plan ahead."

"Certainly when the Canadian dollar is stronger, it's going to encourage more people to come over. Of course, living on the border, we're going to have that traffic anyway, but I believe it increases when it's stronger," said Leisa Mansfield, executive director of the Sault Area Chamber of Commerce in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

Among the most popular items on shopping lists are clothing and accessories, books, computer products and other electronics.

Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet

Saucony Grid 8000 On Feet

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