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all have to keep a good attitude, and most companies are just going back to the basics, Stokes said. are having to find new customers and other companies to market ourselves to and continue to build relationships. Stokes said she is staying hopeful for a rise Reebok Originals Womens

have to hope the housing industry is going to be successful, and I believe that if you intend to make it so, then hopefully it will be, she said.

´╗┐Stokes Finds Rewards in Problem

First American has had to make some adjustments since the downturn of the economy, and Stokes said real estate agents are going through many of the same challenges.

was one of the first women in WCR to call me, and she is someone whom I have always strived to be like, and my dad would always tell me to be enthusiastic when he dropped Reebok Teal me off at school each morning and now I realize that it is something to live by, she said.

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Lakeland, Arlington, East Memphis, Collierville and Germantown have all continued to be popular areas to purchase homes, Stokes said, adding the majority of the homes for which she recently sold warranties have been in the Lakeland and Saucony Vintage

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Stokes attributes a lot of the knowledge and motivation she received to be in the business to the Women Council of Realtors, a network of women who encourage each other to be entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

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be able to solve problems that people have and to be able to fix it and make them happy has always been extremely rewarding. Stokes started her career by working for a closing attorney for about three years. She then worked directly with real estate agents for just six months before First American offered her a job she couldn pass up.

talk about the warranty with my customers and build relationships with people so they will continue to stay with me and trust me, Stokes said.

was new to the industry, and I was invited to go to a meeting and was amazed to see these women that were so professional and put together, she said. was hooked and wanted to be around these women to try and be professional and do the right thing. Stokes said the two people who have been mentors throughout her life have been her father and , former owner of . Realtors.

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Stokes said.

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in the housing market within the next few years.

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Being area manager for First American is often challenging, Stokes said, because she deals with many difficult issues when homeowners have a complaint.

get calls with the worst of the worst problems, and I try to stay upbeat to try and help those problems that clients have, Stokes said.

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Arlington areas. She said she thinks those areas will continue to expand.

Stokes has been named the company area manager of the year the past three years and is also in the company Circle of Excellence. Stokes has ranked among the top five most successful nationally in her company as of 2010 and was awarded the 2010 Memphis Area Association of Realtors affiliate of the year.

have to put your time in and be there and be involved and show up, Stokes said. what I did without any desire to earn any kind of accolades for it other than wanting to be around people. Stokes said building relationships with her customers as well as her coworkers is one thing that motivates her to stay in the industry. Being able to relate to people is something she feels she is gifted with, and she said she enjoys that aspect of her job the most.

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started working for First American as an area manager for a smaller area and eventually became area manager of a much larger area, Reebok Lifters

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