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The jobless rate soared, homes were repossessed and stocks crashed. Institutions Americans depended on for years collapsed, reformed or went away altogether. and indeed much of the world only now appears to be receding, leaving a damp, soggy, debris strewn landscape in its wake.

"We want to be the place where the people of the Salinas Valley and of California can tell their stories," said Bailey. "We Saucony Burger Shoes

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Reebok Dipset

in 2008, most if not all aspects of the American economy were damaged, some severely.

Locally, the agriculture business thankfully held its own compared to other sectors.

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"The idea is to demonstrate how many of the things John Steinbeck wrote apply to our present day lives. We want to take those concepts and share them in new ways," Bailey said.

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And, to be sure, one of the survivors of this onslaught was the National Steinbeck Reebok Dipset Center.

Still gleaming in the late springtime sun at the foot of Main Street, the NSC was indeed battered by the economic storms, but under the direction of Executive Director Colleen Bailey, her staff and the institution's board of directors, the Saucony Outlet Los Angeles

In addition to revamping all current exhibitions, Ancona's plan calls for the front end of the building to be made warmer and a little more welcoming. He also noted that a bookstore (now under construction) and a community reading room will also be installed.

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entirely to the stories and ideas of one man. We have a great opportunity here. This project is very exciting," Ancona said. Each of these themes, in turn, will be divided into novice, intermediate and advanced categories so as to better fit a given patron's given level of experience with Steinbeck themes and concepts.

"Steinbeck is such a rich treasure. It's not often that you see a space devoted Reebok For Women Black

Helping to lead the makeover is well known commercial project development designer Tomas Ancona. Ancona is the Portland based designer who helped Nike create its "Niketown" retail shops.

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Ancona has more than 25 years of experience designing and directing large scale interdisciplinary projects for government, cultural and corporate clients. Some of those included the aforementioned Nike, but also Adidas, NASA, Lucasfilm, Apple and the Henry Ford Museum.

To that end, Bailey said the museum will become a repository of stories from all local races, ethnicities and cultures that have populated the Salinas Valley over the years Asian, Mexican and Pacific Islanders included.

That was the good news for the Salinas Valley. Other parts of the Monterey County economy, such as tourism, was also left largely left intact, too.

´╗┐Steinbeck Center in Salinas dreams of a renaissance

place is poised to turn a corner and fight to renew itself financially and culturally.

Bailey says the plan, known as "Vision 2.0," will include physical changes to the streamlined glass and metal facility that sits near the Maya Cineplex and what has touted to be a brand new office building for local agri giant, Taylor Fresh Foods.

want to be a place where local residents will visit more than once every few years. This is not only important for our financial survival, but also for our core mission to preserve John's legacy."

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