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He is a man of the world, having flown many thousands of prospectors, tourists, royalty and Canadian prime ministers over his lifetime as an Air Force pilot in Canada and as the owner of his own commercial fly in charter service, which he operated in Wawa and Chapleau for 60 years.

To just read about fishing is usually not that enthralling, but to read a book about Theriault's experiences fishing around the world with the likes of Britain's Prince Philip, Canadian prime ministers Louis St. Laurent and William Lyon Mackenzie King and being a next door neighbour and fishing and golf partner in Florida with singer Perry Como, makes fascinating reading and an enjoyable three hour sit down session, listening to his stories.

"The plane went down because of a storm front that moved in on them," Theriault said.

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During wartime, Theriault became good friends with Canadian prime minister MacKenzie King, "but it reached the point he would not get on a plane with me or anybody else after some close calls he had flying to Malta and the likes to meet with Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt to map out the war effort."

Reebok Crossfit Shoes Nano 6.0

Reebok Crossfit Shoes Nano 6.0

"I still witness today this devastation from the air," Theriault said. "And coupled with poisons used to spray and kill off undergrowth, it makes me so sad."

Reebok Crossfit Shoes Nano 6.0

Theriault and his wife were neighbours of singer Perry Como in West Palm Beach, Fla. The two enjoyed a 32 year friendship.

Reebok Crossfit Shoes Nano 6.0

And while he made a living for his wife and six children by flying people into remote areas to enjoy the pleasures of fishing, he also became well known as an exceptional angler himself. It was his piloting and angling expertise that inspired him to write and publish a book.

"Five years ago, Ontario was drawing $4 billion in revenue from pilots and chartered airway owners like myself, who flew the thousands upon Saucony Grid 9000 Wheat

"Not true," Theriault said. "Dr. Hudson was a very good friend, and he never took home fish that he caught."

Reebok Crossfit Shoes Nano 6.0

Reebok Crossfit Shoes Nano 6.0

At 90, Theriault remains sharp as a tack and isn't afraid to let his feelings be known about many national issues.

"Prime minister Lester Pearson was a great friend," Theriault said, "and at one time he wanted me to run for Parliament in the Cochrane riding. But my wife told me to forget it. . . . I would be off fishing, not playing politics."

"Want to know why? Because today, the forest industry consists of a lot of unqualified people who are creating logging policies that are destroying our forests and making remote fishing and hunting areas a thing of the past."

But they are disappearing fast never to return.

St. Laurent was an avid trout angler and Theriault regularly flew him to remote lakes.

Sports followers may remember Toronto Maple Leaf defenseman Bill Barilko, who went missing on a fly in fishing trip with Dr. Henry Hudson, of Timmins, just after the 1951 NHL playoffs, when Barilko scored the winning goal in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.

Theriault was no stranger to the winter sport, but quickly downplays a hockey scholarship he received when he was a high school student in Chapleau.

"I and other experienced bush pilots told government searchers where they would find the plane, but they didn't believe us. Well, 11 years later, it was found close to where we told them it would be.

Reebok Crossfit Shoes Nano 6.0

in northern Canada. And before anybody passes it off Reebok Crossfit Shoes Nano 6.0 as merely a feel good book for friends and relatives, it might be important to note the publication has sold 68,000 copies.

Reebok Crossfit Shoes Nano 6.0

Theriault holds a pilot's license and still flies all over Algoma District, approximately 50 hours a year, from his home, now in Sault Ste. Marie.

"Perry and his wife lived two doors from us, and we did a lot of fishing and golfing together over the years."

ALGOMA George Theriault will soon be 90 and he still has his wings.

"I have lived in and been involved with the bush all my life and I witness it disappearing," Theriault said. "Lots of us can remember walking trails for partridge. Well now, you might get run over by vehicles."

"We knew where the plane picked up fuel at a depot in the bush and we knew how far it would carry them.

Eleven years after going missing, the plane was spotted under thick cover in a spruce forest by an artist, who did sketches from the air.

thousands of people into remote Canadian lakes to fish," Theriault said. "And in the last four years, a study has shown that figure has been cut below half.

´╗┐Still flyin' high near 90

roads were constructed and locals and tourists swarmed to the once bountiful remote destinations that produced the best fishing in the world.

"Anyway, finding the plane and bodies cleared up the false reports that existed."

Theriault said he has witnessed logging companies with their tree harvesters go into an area and clearcut it leaving no trees and all in a matter of two weeks.

Trespassing in God's Country, published in 1994, details 60 years of flying Saucony Dirty Snow Grid Sd

Theriault said he has observed, first hand, the decimation of once remote lakes as logging Reebok White Gum Sole

Reebok Crossfit Shoes Nano 6.0

Stories always persisted that Barilko and Hudson went down somewhere in the bush because the pontoons on their float plane were loaded with bass.

"No lying. . . . A logging road creating access to a lake by snow machines and all terrain vehicles robs a lake of just about every fish in it over a period of six months," he said, adding Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the only places left in the world "and I have flown the world and fished my way through it" where you still have what can still be called remote lakes.

Reebok Crossfit Shoes Nano 6.0

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