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Huard said the explosion happened at a unit that was involved in processing diesel fuel. There was a leak. Hydrogen gas in the pipe was also involved in the explosion. When the fuel and gas found an ignition source, it exploded.

Reebok G Unit Shoes

Huard also said their own fire team was able to handle the situation although the Regina Fire Department was at the scene.

A gigantic plume of black smoke could be clearly seen from many points around the city. The black smoke was typical of a diesel fuel fire, however, it was not toxic, said Huard. Vapour was later seen in the area as the fire was extinguished.

operate despite the disaster.

They don't know the

Reebok G Unit Shoes

LISTEN to Huard's full interview with CJME Morning News.

Union remains silent

Reebok G Unit Shoes

Regina Reebok Silver Glitter

disel and hydrogen gas leaked and caught fire.

The safety manager maintained that the plant would continue to Reebok Purple Shoes

Huard said that smoke and vapour is not toxic.

´╗┐Still no cause for refinery explosion

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Vic Huard, vice president of corporate affairs for Federated Co operatives Limited, told News Talk Radio's CJME Morning News on Friday that one of those people is in critical condition. He said the second is in serious but stable condition and the third is in good condition, likely to be released from hospital Friday.

police say an explosion occurred at the refinery at 2:07 Thursday afternoon. The fire was under control around 2:50.

Reebok G Unit Shoes

The union representing the workers the refinery refusing to comment on tape about the explosion.

"The rest of the plant in the viscinity of the area wasn't affected."

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Reebok G Unit Shoes

He did not say when the rest of the plant will get back to work.

cause for certain, but it's believed that a high pressure pipe carrying

Reebok G Unit Shoes

As of Friday morning, two people are still in hospital.

Investigators on Friday will start looking into the biggest explosion and fire at the plant since at least 1989.

"The last time it was completely retubed would be about four or five years ago," Lessandrey said.

Reebok G Unit Shoes

The official injury toll from the Co op refinery in Regina on Thursday is up to 13, after an explosion and fire at the Co op refinery in northeast Regina.

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is pleased the information being released by Consumers' Cooperative Refineries Reebok G Unit Shoes Ltd. is forthright and accurate.

But, a representative of Communications Energy and Paperworks Union Local 549 did say the union Saucony Shadow 5000 Cabin Fever

Reebok G Unit Shoes

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