Saucony All White

Despite claiming to be a 'university student' there are no text books.

Saucony All White

Saucony All White

She is a quiet girl. Her speech is slow and at times slurred. She shrugs her shoulders when asked how long the flat has been used like this and says: "I don't Saucony Black And Teal

girl had advertised on her profile that she was down the road from Cannock Fire Station. She claims she was a 19 year old university student and a 'sexy lady who likes to dress nice Reebok Ec Ride

Saucony All White

Her clients could even rate her 'work' in a feedback Saucony All White section that bears similarities to Trip Advisor.

These are people's homes. But it is in this red bricked flat where a prostitute is plying her trade to customers who have inquired about her services online.

Saucony All White

Charlie goes straight into her bedroom and sits on the small bed, which is covered in a blue and white, tatty, bobbled duvet on a rickety mattress.

Charlie explains to this first time visitor what is going to happen: "Well, you get undressed and get comfortable and we'll go from there really."

Saucony All White

There was no flier in a phone box, no whispered tip from a seedy middle man in a dodgy pub, just a menu of women presented like something out of an Argos catalogue.

Saucony All White

know, I'm from Birmingham."

Saucony All White

Saucony All White

for the men'.

The girl, who goes by the name 'Charlie', offers prices from 40 to as much as 1,000 for overnight.

It is a poky room with a radio and a poster on the wall saying Keep Calm and Carry On.

A fresh faced, black haired girl with blue eyes and wearing a black nightie opens the door to the flat.

The apartment reeks of stale cigarette smoke and marijuana.

Saucony All White

It took just two emails to get a mobile phone number and arrange a meeting. Once booked, a text message arrived with a postcode to find the flat on a sat nav.

´╗┐stinking of drugs and smoke Express Star

The corridor of the block of flags is dark, damp and dingy and signs say it is monitored by CCTV. Graffiti covered doors are lit by a handful of unbroken lights. The rest are smashed.

Saucony All White

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Saucony All White

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