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"I didn't want to take on this job," he said during a telephone interview in late September. "But I can actually kind of bring this music to people. And it's changed now. The hard core traditional bluegrass is the high lonesome sound. It can be off putting if you're not from a certain part of the country, and I think people have to Reebok Blue Toe warm to it. He won critical praise for his 2009 album "The Crow: New Songs for the Five String Banjo," and the recording went on to win a Grammy for best bluegrass album. On Tuesday, he'll bring his live music show to the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.

"Because I had written sketches for television, I thought, 'Maybe I could write a screenplay,'" he said. "So now I've done that. Then, in the '80s, the New Yorker asked me to write an essay, so I thought, 'I'll give it a try.'

show, and people go away very happy."

"It's about 70 percent music and 30 percent comedy," he said. "It's an entertaining Saucony Black Shadow

Reebok Blue Toe

Reebok Blue Toe

Reebok Blue Toe

For many, Martin's main persona always will be that of an international movie star, as he's appeared in a host of box office favorites, ranging from last year's "It's Complicated" to 1979's "The Jerk." But Martin is the rare artist who has seen critical and commercial success in multiple artistic fields. But Martin said he wasn't always a Renaissance man.

Reebok Blue Toe

Reebok Blue Toe

Reebok Blue Toe

Reebok Blue Toe

in this for the music and not just to increase his fame.

"So, I wrote a little one page essay. . I'm writing these little essays every once in awhile, and then I throw in one line that's serious and nobody says anything. I thought they were going to go, 'Oh please. That's terrible.' And nobody said anything. So, I thought, 'Maybe I could write something that's a little more serious.' . It's like this essay was four pages, maybe I could write something that's 60 pages.

Steve Martin knows bluegrass isn't going to be topping the charts anytime soon, but he's happy to do his part in delivering it to the masses.

Martin said his concerts, performed with North Carolina's Steep Canyon Rangers, are varied affairs.

Martin fell in love with the banjo and bluegrass music when he was growing up in Southern California during the early 1960s.

"It uses another part of my brain," he said. "One, it's very physical in that you're moving your fingers. You're not jogging or anything, but it's coordinating. . When I first started playing, I thought what a pleasure it is to move my fingers across the (fretboard) and coordinate my right hand with my left hand."

"There were a lot of folk music clubs," he said. "There were bluegrass bands that Saucony Originals Grid Sd

Martin said he likes the fact that bluegrass isn't a chart topping genre because it reinforces the fact that he's Saucony Kinvara London

Reebok Blue Toe

toured. . The Dillards actually introduced me to Earl Scruggs. . Once you hear that, if you have any interest at all in the banjo, you're hooked."

´╗┐Steve Martin coming to Reno with banjo

Reebok Blue Toe

Reebok Blue Toe

"I'm not trying to be a rock 'n' roll star," he said, "and once we start playing, it is evident that all the musicians on stage are talented. I'm not just talking about myself. You don't mess around with this.".

Reebok Blue Toe

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