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The recorded call between Jones and his wife the student's mother captured Jones saying he was "sorry to break your heart like this" and "know I made a terrible mistake."

Mazell Reynolds, reached by phone in his Columbiana, Ala., home, said the plea offers some small closure.

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"Ms. Jones was there moments after the shooting," Patterson said. "In later phone calls (to his wife) he admitted that he shot Trevor in his sleep so he wouldn't scare him."

Falecha, who cooperated with police and provided numerous statements about the July 5, 2012, shooting, didn't speak of that phone call until after it was made public. She said it was too painful.

Jones, 65, has been in the Greene County Jail, in lieu of a $250,000 bond, since the afternoon of the shooting.

´╗┐stepdad says he killed teen in his sleep to avoid scaring him

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In the 36 hour period before the shooting, Springfield police officers had twice been called to the two bedroom home in North Springfield after verbal sparring escalated between Trevor and his stepfather. The tension started because Trevor invited his best friend, who Jones didn't like, to the house to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Patterson is satisfied with Jones' Alford Plea. He added the death penalty is only applicable if there was an "aggravating circumstance" but none existed.

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Greene County Prosecutor Dan Patterson said with the Alford Plea, the state will no longer consider seeking the death penalty. Jones will be sentenced Nov. 1. "There is only one punishment available, life in prison Reebok Memory Foam

Mazell Reynolds said he had been avoiding the Facebook page called "In Loving Memory of Trevor Reynolds" recently because viewing it was too hard. He is hoping now he will be able to go on and think of happier times.

Three days after a Central High School student was fatally shot in the chest while sleeping, William Richard Jones called from the Greene County Jail.

During the second visit, Jones told officers he'd shoot the teen, prompting Falecha to take the teen to a nearby hotel for the night. Trevor returned from the hotel midday on July 5. The tension appeared to have passed. He and Jones Reebok Sneakers Women

Patterson said from the beginning, the state had "a very strong case."

retreated to their side by side bedrooms while Falecha nodded off in the living room. Falecha told officers she was startled to her feet by the gunshot, took a few steps and saw her husband standing over her son with a "smoking" gun.

without the possibility of parole," he said.

my mind," said Falecha, who is still married to Jones. "God already knows how I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders."

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Last summer, Trevor was buried in Alabama near the graves of Reebok New Shoes 2017 his grandmother, an aunt and the brother who died in a car accident years before he was born.

The headstone recently placed on Trevor's grave includes a photo from his sixth grade graduation.

"I knew he did it and God knew he did but for him to tell me something like this, I just wanted to put it out of Reebok Originals Womens

"I'm glad it's over with and done so I can go on and get some rest. I didn't really want to relive all of that," he said. ". I'm satisfied with it because I knew he was guilty because he pulled the trigger wasn't anybody else."

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"I go through all the photos and all the memories," he said. "I think of him daily because he was always with me. When something comes on TV that we watched, I think of him. I got all pleasant memories of him, he was a good kid."

Falecha arrived at the Greene County Courthouse early Tuesday but learned of the plea before entering the courtroom. Jones had previously pleaded not guilty and Falecha was initially stunned by the outcome. Trial had been set for Oct. 21. "He said something I have been waiting to hear for a long time," she said. "I feel free."

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As Falecha rushed to her son and called 9 1 1, Jones put down the gun and walked into the living room, she later told officers. There he sat in his easy chair, crossed his leg, and lit a cigarette.

Trevor Reynolds grew up in Alabama, where he was largely raised by grandparents Mazell and Betty Jean Reynolds and his aunts. Falecha lived there periodically before moving to Springfield. In 2009, Trevor joined her. He attended Pershing and Pleasant View middle schools before moving to Central.

Details of that jail phone call were released Tuesday, just hours after Jones stood in the courtroom of Circuit Court Judge Dan Conklin for a pretrial hearing on the first degree murder charge. Jones entered an Alford Plea, which acknowledges enough evidence to convict but does not outright admit to committing a crime.

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