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"A stout gentleman named Taft went through Caliente Wednesday on a special train. It is reported that he gets a salary of $75,000 a year for overseeing some kind of job in Washington, a little place near Baltimore, Md."

In 1905, the railroad was finally completed to Los Angeles. A year later, the rains came. The Little Muddy became the Big Muddy and washed several miles of track down the canyon. The old man had been right.

Saucony Cruel World 5

More rains at the end of that same month nearly buried the railroad cars already carried away by the earlier flood.

Saucony Cruel World 5

Caliente, long known as the "rose of the Silver State," was born because of the need for a railroad between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.

Saucony Cruel World 5

Saucony Cruel World 5

of the West a good beginning for the fledgling town. Reebok Khaki Classic Leather Suede

Saucony Cruel World 5

The arrival of the 20th century found the area teeming with engineers bent on establishing a railroad. By 1901, the Culverwell ranch house became part of a tent city consisting of 25 saloons and stores and a number of railroad campsites.

Undaunted, the rail bed was quickly rebuilt.

Saucony Cruel World 5

The rose of the Silver State apparently took little notice in 1911 when President William Howard Taft traveled through the little hamlet. The local newspaper, the Prospector, had only this to say of the visit.

But Caliente had its own problem with the perpetually flooding waters of the Little Muddy River. One time, the town had to dig out from more than a foot of silt in its homes and businesses. Perhaps sarcastically, during those days Caliente was described as the "Venice of the West."

Another problem facing the construction crews was the canyon, through which the peaceful Little Muddy River meandered. It was definitely not the best place to lay track, but other geographical handicaps made it the only logical location. Perhaps the engineers should have listened when a friendly, wizened, wrinkled Indian watched the progress, then shook his head and pointed to a place about 15 feet above the rail bed as if indicating that's where the track should go. According to legend, the learned engineers were not about to take the advice of the old man. That was a decision they would regret.

Saucony Cruel World 5

Then, in January 1907, the rains came again and melted the mountain snow. Damage was slight that time. However, when a month later the rains came yet again, the railroad was devastated. Surging water carried railroad cars for miles down the wash. Bridges were damaged or destroyed, and miles of track were ripped up. Reebok Casual Shoes

Saucony Cruel World 5

As with the railroad, good things come out of adversity. In 1907, a raging fire threatened a whole section of the town.

Saucony Cruel World 5

Luckily, the blaze was contained, with only one business destroyed. The result of that blaze was the creation of a much needed fire department.

Saucony Cruel World 5

Everything was quiet for the next couple of years, but the flood came again Saucony Shoes Mens

A ranch at the south end of Meadow Valley and along the Meadow Valley Wash, about 125 miles north of Las Vegas, was chosen. It would be a choice railroad offices would regret in the years to come.

in 1910 and washed away the railroad. When work began rebuilding the railroad once more, the words of the old Indian were heeded and the track was moved up to where he had first indicated. But not before Mother Nature got in one final lick before the project was completed. Damage was minimal.

´╗┐stubborn Caliente quietly rebuilt

The town's residents proudly called their town the rose city of the Silver State. Caliente gained that designation after Thomas Dixon planted a huge rose garden in memory of his wife, Alice Culverwell Dixon.

The first white man to settle in the area was Charles Culverwell, who squatted on the land and began ranching in the 1870s. It would be seven years before he acquired a legal title to the area.

Building railroads through Nevada had become commonplace. Saucony Cruel World 5 But in Caliente, railroad tycoons battled to construct the first railroad. There was even a brief war as workers battled each other with shovels. The war lasted only about 20 minutes, according to reports from the day. But there would be other skirmishes before the rail line was completed.

Saucony Cruel World 5

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