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Body image issues, such as eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, are typically associated with women. But Nicholls said the flip side of that can happen in men; almost like a reverse type of anorexia, some men are developing an obsession with getting bigger which eventually becomes a very strong compulsion.

Saucony Collab 2017

"The drug has differing effects on different tissues in the body and so where it has an increasing effect on muscle will have a corresponding increase of stress on the tendon because it's not getting enhancement to the same level that the muscle might be," said Regina physical therapist Scott Anderson.

But trying to pack on more muscle might come at a cost.

"Unfortunately a lot of people have that perception."

Saucony Collab 2017

It would appear to be a growing mix of individuals deciding to use. Nicholls sees more and more middle aged and older men taking steroids to enhance their appearance, leanness and muscle mass. He's also finding an increasing number of teens giving the drug some thought.

Saucony Collab 2017

Saucony Collab 2017

"I think that it's probably as popular as it's ever been or as big a problem as it's ever been. Studies Reebok Nano 7.0 Release Date

Saucony Collab 2017

Saucony Collab 2017

in the US have ranged anywhere from four to 10 or 12 per cent of high school students, for example, have seriously considered or taken steroids," he outlined.

The reasoning behind a person's decision to take steroids isn't as narrow as it might once have been. With increased pressure in society to look good, some are turning to the drugs to boost their body image.

Medical experts are registering their concern with more and younger people turning towards anabolic steroids. Perhaps the best they can hope for is that people take the time to educate themselves on the risks before making the decision to get juiced.

Saucony Collab 2017

Saucony Collab 2017

steroids can be done safely if you do your research and properly educate yourself.

Frank is under the belief that taking Reebok Pink Leather

Saucony Collab 2017

effort in. You still have to diet properly. It's not something that just genetically changes your makeup and you wake up one day looking like a completely different person," Frank said.

´╗┐Steroids and body image

A former steroid user Saucony Collab 2017 living in Regina wishing to remain anonymous we'll call him Frank thinks some of those kids might have the wrong impression.

That's a risk some are willing to endure however. Frank certainly did when he was using. While he isn't against someone taking steroids, he no longer feels the need to juice up himself.

"People assume that steroids are only used by athletes but probably more than 50 per cent of the steroids that are being used are actually being used by people who don't even do sports. It's only for an appearance basis that people are taking them," said Regina based sports medicine doctor Mike Nicholls.

News Talk Radio has been bringing you a closer look at steroid use in Saskatchewan this week with JUICED. With steroid use in Regina on the rise, according to a well connected former user, we've heard how some people may have the misconception that steroids can be used without potential danger. In the final installment of this three part series we discover just who is the most at risk.

Saucony Collab 2017

"I think some of the things people don't understand about these drugs is it's not like it's magic in a bottle. You still have to put the work and Reebok Memory Foam

Anderson said certain muscle tendon injuries might be considered a little more common in people abusing these drugs. An example is tearing your chest muscle. "It's not a muscle that normally tears."

Saucony Collab 2017

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