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Through the decades, country music has remained alive and well in the region.

of their love for each other.

´╗┐Still makin' beautiful music

Greenwood Cemetery.

These days, when Evelyn takes the stage, she still gets a round of applause from the audience as she begins to sing this tune.

His love for playing instruments increased and he soon added the banjo and the fiddle to his collection.

"Wherever the folks gathered, that's where the music would begin and the fun would start from there," Raymond said.

Audience members who know of his talents shout out, "Do Golden Slippers, a piece he plays on the banjo. and another favorite, Turkey in the Straw, which shows his abilities on the fiddle.

Later, during the 1950s, Larry Hogan played in a band with well known country music enthusiast, Don Ramsay. Evelyn continued to play guitar and sing, and with encouragement from friends, she entered local country music contests and did well, winning a number of trophies.

"He would strum the strings and I would use my hand to fret the chords," Evelyn said in a recent interview.

Singing this song and playing the guitar won Evelyn a first place trophy in a contest in Sault Ste. Marie.

Evelyn and Raymond met at a Shoepack Dance (a dance held on an ice rink where participants wore shoes somewhat like moccasins made out of moose hide) at a rink on North Street in Sault Ste. Marie. They began dating, and Evelyn would go to watch Raymond perform at McCauley's Hotel in Haviland Bay, where she later joined him in entertaining the crowd with her singing.

Saucony Collab 2018

Saucony Collab 2018

Saucony Collab 2018

Saucony Collab 2018

Hill, on Highway 17 north, the community building in Searchmont, the legion in Thessalon, and Nicholson's Park near Iron Bridge.

"My father bought me a guitar," he said, "and I spent my time banging away on it until I was told to take that noise outside to the barn."

Raymond continued entertaining himself with the guitar, and his musical talents improved after a neighbour came by to announce that his problem was that the guitar needed to be tuned. After minor adjustments, Raymond's skills improved greatly, and, in time, he was a regular source of entertainment when he played and sang, accompanied by his sister, Audrey, at parties.

"Since we were the couple who had so many children of all our musical friends, our house became the place where everyone came to play their instruments and sing," Evelyn said.

Saucony Collab 2018

When asked about his musical roots, Raymond's eyes become pensive as he reflects back to what was his family farm located in the area now known as Saucony Trainers Liverpool

"Occasionally we switched tasks and eventually I also learned how to play the guitar."

"There were a few of us locals that had guitars with us and we played music all the way to North Bay," Raymond said.

They eventually made plans to marry, which had to take place sooner than planned as wartimes required that Raymond go to North Bay for military training. Raymond releases a mischievous laugh as he remembers the train trip.

Prime playing spots were Blueberry Reebok Ladies Shoes

"My country singing idol was Kitty Wells," Evelyn said. "Her song, Honky Tonk Angels, was my favorite."

Larry had polio and needed assistance while learning the instrument.

"Back in the '50s and '60s, it wasn't so much that you went places and got paid big money, but it was more to entertain and have fun doing so," Raymond said.

Saucony Collab 2018

Music took over again as they taught their children to appreciate the art.

It seems to be everywhere: local bars regularly feature it, and it's often heard bellowing from automobiles, from pick up trucks to BMWs. A lot of country song lyrics are either about makin' it or breakin' it, but for one local couple, country music is definitely about the former.

Saucony Collab 2018

Evelyn and Raymond Richards have played country music together since 1942, and have fond memories of how it became a part of their lives and a part Saucony Collaborations 2018

Their marriage took them through the ordinary happenings of everyday life, with Evelyn working at downtown shops and Raymond at Chromium Mining and Smelting as a crane operator.

Saucony Collab 2018

"Our house became the party house during those years, which may have contributed to all our children becoming musically talented as well."

Saucony Collab 2018

Raymond's love for music took him to places ranging from Goulais to Blind River as he entertained at weekend square dances.

"For me", recalled Evelyn, raised along with her six Saucony Collab 2018 siblings in a small area called Nestorville, just east of Blind River, "country music began with my older brother, Larry Hogan, playing the guitar."

Saucony Collab 2018

When asked about his favourite musical selections, an endearing expression appears on his face as he begins to sing the lyrics of Cold Winter's Night.

Evelyn stopped working to raise her children: a girl, boy, and set of twin boys.

Saucony Collab 2018

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