Saucony Shadow Original Suede

Saucony Shadow Original Suede

Saucony Shadow Original Suede

STRIKER Robbie FowlerHe came to Man City under Kevin Keegan. He wasn't as fit as he was, because he'd had injuries, of course, but he was the best finisher I've ever seen in my entire life with both feet. He could chip it, whip it, dink it, blast it he had everything in the locker. He was just really, really clinical and I don't think I'll ever play with another finisher as good as him.

Saucony Shadow Original Suede

CENTRE MIDFIELD Nigel de JongHe was a little hound he had a real hunger to win the ball back. When Nigel came in alongside Didi I had the best season of my whole career in front of those guys, purely because they did a lot of the dirty work and they set me free to do my job in the final third. Having those guys behind me I felt so at ease because I knew that if I did risk a pass here or there I had the back up.

CENTRE BACK Richard DunneHe can play on the right hand side of the three. He's someone I played with for a long time and I someone I think really highly of. He's a great, great player he was our captain at Man City. I think he got five Player of the Season awards in a row, which is incredible. It's difficult trying to get into the first team but he looked after me; he drove Saucony Shadow Original Suede me to training for about a year and a half when I wasn't driving so we had a lot of journeys together. I can't say a bad word about him. He's a nice, humble, family man and he's a massive inspiration to me.

STRIKER Craig BellamyI don't think he gets the credit he deserves. People think he's just a hard worker but he's that and a lot, lot more. He can make a bad pass look good and a good pass look great. He's a massive, massive personality and he led by example in every single game. He wouldn't ease up or let up at all. He has inspired me; I try to take as many traits from him as I can.

CENTRE BACK Sylvain Distin This was really tough because there are certain players who I think are under rated like Nedum Onuoha; then there's Micah Richards, who came through the academy with me. But I'm going to have to go for Sylvain Distin purely because when I got in the first team he was the captain of the club at the time. I learned a lot from him his passion, his hunger, his drive, his will to win. He's just a really, really friendly and nice guy as well. I still see him to this day and speak to him

Saucony Shadow Original Suede

CENTRE MIDFIELD Didi HamannWhen he came to Man City and I was trying to make it in the team he was the one that really drove me on with the advice he was giving me, little pointers in training. A lot of defensive midfielders you see these days are pretty negative, it's all sideways and backwards but with him everything was penetrating through the midfield. For me he was one of the best I've ever played with.

Saucony Shadow Original Suede

City, Aston Villa and Newcastle picks his One2Eleven of the best players he's played with in his career.

Saucony Shadow Original Suede

CENTRE BACK Vincent KompanyMark Hughes brought him in from Hamburg and straight away we knew he was going to be a really, really good player for Manchester City. He's super, super intelligent and he's constantly educating himself. He goes to night school at the moment to get certain degrees. He's an all round hungry and passionate guy.

Saucony Shadow Original Suede

No 10 Carlos TevezHe was frustrating because Monday to Friday you wouldn't get anything out of him Reebok All Terrain Super Womens

Playing in a 3 5 2 formation, this is the team he thinks could beat any other One2Eleven selected on the show so far.

Saucony Shadow Original Suede

GOALKEEPER Shay GivenThis is really tough for me because I should probably be going for Joe Hart because he's a good friend and he's obviously very, very good and a world class keeper. But I only had six months under him so I'm going to have to go for Shay Given. He's a great shot stopper he can do everything. He's a great lad to have in the changing room as well. He leads, he's a strong personality and he's just a great lad to have around.

he wouldn't break a sweat in training, he'd walk around showing no interest whatsoever. You'd get nothing from him and then on Saturday when the whistle blows he was a different animal. He was just really, really ferocious and super direct, which I loved; he got the ball and he just wanted to score. He always had arguments with the manager he and Roberto Mancini argued all of the time. But there were some nice touches. At Christmas he went and bought 60 plasma TVs and gave them to all of the staff.

MIDFIELD Shaun Wright PhillipsHe's got everything he's passionate, he's quick, he's driven and he can finish like I've never seen: he can hit a ball so hard and so clean. He's still a really close friend these days. Wingers like Shaun aren't around anymore; he was really direct. He inspired me massively to get into the first team because I knew that's what I wanted to do.

Saucony Shadow Original Suede

´╗┐Stephen Ireland picks his

Stoke City playmaker Stephen Ireland who has also had spells with Manchester Saucony White Shoes

LEFT MIDFIELD RobinhoI think he was the only player who when he arrived at the club I raised my eyebrows and thought 'wow I've never seen anything like this before'. He did things with the football I didn't think could be done, stuff that was incredible; every day in training we'd just stop and give him a round of applause purely because he was doing the most outrageous things I've ever seen. When it came to a Saturday he was exceptional; I loved him because he would cheat and let the right back go and Didi and Nigel would sit and cover that. As soon as we broke he was always free and my first thought was always 'Robinho, Robinho, Robinho'. As soon as we got the ball to him I just set off. I think I scored 16 goals that season; he must have set up 12 of them.

Saucony Shadow Original Suede

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Saucony Shadow Original Suede

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