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It has already resulted in the loss of an estimated 1,010 jobs and cuts to services, with every council department's expenditure currently under review.

money. So hopefully the new business rates and council tax benefits proposed don't end up costing more than they save. And make what looks to be a miserable slow/no growth in the town even worse."

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Rimmer said: "The settlement introduces the most radical changes to the funding of local government in a generation with the introduction of the localisation of business rates Reebok Originals Shoes

and the localisation of support for council tax.

"The redistribution of business rates and council tax support grant will cost the people of St Helens millions of pounds but the system helps people in the more affluent South East of the country."

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"These two government policies fundamentally affect the distribution of funds, the source of those funds and the risk profile facing this council and local government generally.

cuts because they no longer factor in the deprivation factors. What concerns me is that the present government are very very short sighted. They implement new policies without factoring in the consequences. In fact the number of things they have got right in two years is far outweighed by the ups and u turns. And it costs us Reebok Pump Shoes 2017

The changes see the introduction of localised business rates and localised support for council tax areas previously overseen by central government.

"There is no doubt that there will be more cuts to come however gets in next time and after the spending boom years it was always going to hurt. After looking at figures in various papers and on the local government unit website towns and cities in the north (both west and east) have suffered more from the Saucony Shadow Original

´╗┐Stretched council fears added burden of business rate and council tax reforms From St Helens Star

"It means the council will be exposed to any decrease in the number of businesses within the borough leading to a direct impact on council finances and its ability to fund services to those who need them.

She added: "Despite the limited safeguards put in place by the government, we're now at the mercy of market forces and will find it increasingly difficult to control our own destiny The latest settlement, published on December 19 last year, covers the financial years 2013 14 and 2014 15 the third and fourth years of the government's austerity plan.

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This has already cost St Helens Council 36million in loss of central government revenue grants rising to 50 million by 2014 15.

ST HELENS Council leaders have voiced fears that a further Reebok Green Suede downturn in the national economy could impact on already stretched services as it grapples with the government's recent general grant settlement.

Furthermore, says the council, it has lost the Building Schools for the Future programme and the reduction in general programmed capital investment support of 26 per cent.

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It will leave thousands of working St Helens families some living in the poorest communities facing a further squeeze on their household budgets.

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Council leader Marie Rimmer said it was a matter of concern that the government had not funded this transfer of responsibility fully and meant working age families who previously received full council tax benefit will have to pay at least 3.57 per week in council tax.

Councillor Rimmer said the government's austerity measures, coupled with the possible future deterioration in the economy, made her fear for the future.

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