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Nevertheless, he made it through, with the support of his family, the help of a dedicated staff of the district stroke team based out of Sault Area Hospital and, not least, added Carol, his own determination.

Saucony Athletes

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Bud himself also appeared with a few kind words about the occupational therapy program.

me tell you."

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But "because he's got that training in there, there wasn't that much damage," Carol told the audience of approximately 125 from across northeastern Ontario.

It's called "left neglect," Carol said. "He was totally unaware of the left side."

Saucony Athletes

Saucony Athletes

Saucony Athletes

"Nothing's going to stop him. The word 'can't' isn't in his vocabulary."

Perhaps worst of all for Bud, known to many in Sault Ste. Marie as a longtime Toyota and used car dealer, was he could no longer drive. "You can have a license with one eye but not with two half eyes," Carol said.

Carol had brought him his Thanksgiving dinner in hospital and when she later asked him if he had enjoyed it, Bud "said he only ate half of it he ate it right down the middle of the plate."

Saucony Athletes

You can't control risk factors such as age most strokes occur after age 55 or family history, but you can do much preventative maintenance. This includes quitting smoking, being physically active and controlling weight, avoiding excess drinking and reducing stress.

If a lesson was to be taken from the annual expo, it was this: "Anybody can recover."

Saucony Athletes

in his line of vision was neatly chopped in half, visible only on the right.

Saucony Athletes

Saucony Athletes

Robinson's wife, Carol, immediately understood what was happening: Bud was having a stroke.

´╗┐Stroke can't slow down Bud Robinson

Bud Robinson was on the phone with his brother, discussing their dying sister, when his words began to make no sense.

The fact he was able to speak at all is remarkable. The couple of 37 years had been scheduled to speak for the last several months, but last Monday Labour Day Bud suffered another stroke. It was his fourth since the initial one less than two years ago.

"Any sign at all garbled speech, weakness in the arm or leg, dizziness, blurred vision, whatever call 911. It can mean the difference between life and death," said Carol, a retired teacher and longtime volunteer with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Monday at the Know Stroke: Stroke Prevention and Recovery Saucony Athletes Expo at Algoma's Water Tower Inn.

Stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off. Without oxygen rich blood, brain cells begin to die. If the blood supply is not restored, the affected part of the brain dies, causing disability or death.


It was Oct. 2, 2007 Thanksgiving weekend. Bud, 72 at the time, was shortly found to have suffered a massive ischemic stroke, a lack of blood and oxygen to the brain due to a blocked artery. A large portion of tissue was damaged on the right side of his brain, affecting the entire left side of his body and perception.

Saucony Athletes

This included not only feeling but sight as well. Everything Reebok Ortholite Womens

He was in the stroke unit for two weeks but returned to hospital on a regular basis for occupational therapy. It wasn't always easy, for him or his wife.

Saucony Athletes

Saucony Athletes

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