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"After my first dive I was like, 'OK, I'm good now.' After I got all my nerves out, I could do what I usually do on my first dive."

Sthamann, who has an injured hand, elected to sit out the Western Canadian championships in Regina on the weekend, but she couldn't bring herself to stay out of the pool.

´╗┐Sthamann sets sights on Tokyo 2020

with the (LSU) team. It's so beautiful and the people are so nice. The school is so beautiful. And it doesn't snow!" Baton Rouge is also a long way from home, but Sthamann is embracing the unknown.

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"I wasn't in love with gym and I was dedicating so much time to it," she said. "I didn't want to do something every single day for five hours if I didn't love it. So my mom was like, 'You can't just go from training that much to nothing. Why don't you try diving?' I was like, 'OK.' I fell in love with it."

"I had six schools ask me to come to their school. I just fell in love Saucony Microdot

Saucony Blue

Sthamann plans to spend four years at LSU and in Saucony Blue a perfect world continue her training with an eye toward the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Sthamann's background in gymnastics helped expedite her success in diving. At the time, it seemed like a natural transition.

Saucony Blue

Saucony Blue

While getting in some practice at the Lawson Aquatic Centre on Reebok Npc Ii

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Saucony Blue

Saucony Blue

It was her first ever international competition. "I didn't believe it," said Sthamann, a member of the Regina Diving Club. "I didn't have my best event so when I looked at the scoreboard I was just like, 'What?' I knew I could do it if I dove my best so when I didn't I was like, 'Whoa, I can still be (near) the top.' It was exciting."

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Sthamann's recent results have driven her to continue improving. She's hoping it pays off this summer at the junior national championships in Victoria. With a strong showing, she could earn a trip to Russia for the worlds.

But not right away.

"It's such an amazing opportunity," she said. "I get five years of school paid for. How could you say no to that? It's going to be such an adventure. Obviously I'm going to miss home but it will be so worth it."

"That's definitely my next goal for this year," said Sthamann, who has accepted a scholarship from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

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never think this is where I'd be."

Saturday, Sthamann was still beaming about her experience overseas.

"There were 26 other countries there so you have to take it all in," she said. "You try not to get distracted by everything. It is on a bigger scale but at the same time you prepare (the same).

"I remember the first day I came to the pool," she recalled. "It was so scary just to do a dive. Now I'm doing things that people think I'm crazy. It's definitely a rush. Four years ago when I started out I would Saucony Guide 9

Madison Sthamann has made an impressive transition from gymnast to diver, and recently won bronze at a youth meet in Germany.

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Saucony Blue

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