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Every minute matters when it comes to treating a stroke. Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death and the leading cause of adult disability in the United States. It is an immediate emergency.

Myth: Stroke happens to the heart. It's always best to assume that all stroke symptoms require a trip to the Emergency Department for Reebok Ventilator Supreme On Feet

For strokes caused by a blood clot, physicians strive to clear the clot and restore blood flow. If the patient gets to an emergency room within three hours of experiencing the first stroke symptoms, a clot busting drug called TPA (tissue plasminogen activator) can be administered to dissolve the clot.

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"Now, in Phase II, patients who come to our Emergency Department experiencing an ischemic stroke can be admitted and treated here rather than automatically being transferred Reebok Shoes Online

Myth: Stroke cannot be treated.

´╗┐Stroke is an Immediate Emergency

NorthBay Healthcare.

For strokes caused when Reebok Pump Fury Blue an artery bursts in the brain, the treatment is to control the bleeding and reduce pressure in the brain. Patients who have experienced a minor bleed can recover with bed rest and supportive care. A patient with a major bleed may require surgery at a hospital that offers neurosurgery.

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NorthBay Medical Center and VacaValley Hospital have spent the past year planning, educating staff and physicians, and conducting mock stroke drills leading up to Phase II of its new Stroke Program, which went live in November 2012.

Difficulty speaking or understanding others.

A rapid onset, severe headache, or an unusual headache that comes with vomiting, dizziness or altered consciousness.

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Blurred, decreased or double vision.

Myth: Stroke is unpreventable.

Numbness, weakness or paralysis on one side of the face or body.

Dizziness, trouble walking, or lack of coordination or balance.

Reality: Stroke is largely preventable.

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to another hospital," says Rhonda Martin, assistant vice president, nursing operations. "Responding to a patient experiencing a stroke requires an orchestrated sequence of interventions, which are time sensitive and must be consistently followed." Our program ensures we follow the most current standards as published by the American Heart and Stroke Association for assessing, diagnosing and treating stroke victims."

Stroke is also known as a "brain attack." It usually happens without warning, when an artery in the brain becomes blocked (ischemic stroke) or when an artery bursts (hemorrhagic stroke). In either case, blood and oxygen can no longer reach parts of the brain. Deprived of oxygen, brain cells begin to die within minutes. The longer the condition remains untreated, the more brain cells die, and parts of the body begin to shut down.

Reality: Stroke requires emergency treatment.

Reality: Stroke can happen to anyone.

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Unless the stroke has been very mild, most patients need some type of rehabilitation therapy to regain their strength and recover as much function as possible to resume a normal life.

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Reebok Pump Fury Blue

Reebok Pump Fury Blue

Reebok Pump Fury Blue

Emergency treatment depends on the type of stroke you have, according to Julian Gallegos, clinical practice manager/nurse practitioner stroke program, for Reebok Classic Leather White Gum

Myth: Stroke only strikes the elderly.

medical assistance. Stroke symptoms include:

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