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plans are being developed. We will do whatever we can to implement those plans if necessary so students can complete their academic year on time. said that different scenarios were being considered depending on the job action that might occur.

As for partial load faculty who are included in OPSEU bargaining unit, Arbus said, have very little job security. We are trying to negotiate a better deal for them. academic freedom, Arbus said, position is that the person who knows best what should happen in the classroom is the teacher. That the person who should have the ability to determine what is taught, and how it is taught in the colleges. Currently, we don have that, unlike universities where professors have considerable freedom academically. said, however, that the employer had dealt with both these issues satisfactorily already. believe we have addressed the job issues for partial load, and that academic freedom, in our view, is already embedded in our 24 colleges, he said.

following that guidance, and trying to get the union to understand this reality, he said. think we still trying to work away at a settlement, but there has to be some recognition of what is happening in Ontario. We see what is happening on the education file in the elementary and secondary panel. It is apparent to us that the government is serious about holding the line on wages. however, denied that the union was unaware of the financial difficulties facing the government. understand what the Province is saying about salary, and we understand the position they have taken, he said.

Sinclair, however, conceded that although negotiations are continuing, an impasse had been reached weeks ago. has been very little progress made in the past couple of weeks. We have asked the conciliator to file notice with the Minister of Labour that conciliation has failed, he said. that essentially does is, in the labour relation world, it starts the clock ticking. Arbus, president of OPSEU Local 613 representing faculty at Sault College, and a member of OPSEU provincial board, agreed with Sinclair that this round of negotiations has been He disagreed strongly, however, with Sinclair interpretation that the union is to blame.

are using [the vote] to affirm the support of the membership for the positions we taken at the bargaining table. added that negotiations have continued throughout this process, and that OPSEU negotiators plan to continue trying to reach a settlement to and including Aug. 31 when the contract expires Sinclair suggestion that the union is making some type of work action more likely, Arbus said, is no plan to disrupt classes at all. We are taking a strike vote. We continue to work. We have full intentions of offering ourselves to negotiations every day until we get a settlement. We will Reebok Running Shoes Blue

Reebok Originals Pink

Reebok Originals Pink

contract ends. it is going to be challenging, at the least, to reach a settlement, he said.

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Reebok Originals Pink

Sinclair, who is a key member of the employer bargaining team for provincial negotiations, said that possible strike action could begin as soon as Sept.15, five days after a strike vote called by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, representing college instructors.

see what the will of the employer is. But on the union side, there is no plan to do any job action. said the two key issues for the union are job security for our partial load faculty who have seven to 12 classroom hours per week, Reebok Originals Pink and academic freedom for all instructors.

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He said the central issue for the Council was money and closing the gap between the two sides.

there is a work stoppage students are our number one priority. We will do whatever we can to minimize the disruption to their study plans and learning outcomes, she said.

He pointed out that the union has made both elements central to its bargaining position during previous rounds of negotiations as well.

The clock is ticking toward a potential work stoppage by faculty staff at Ontario 24 community colleges, including Sault College, according to Don Sinclair, chief executive officer of the College Employer Council.

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Sinclair accused OPSEU bargainers of creating the risk of work stoppage by calling the strike vote while negotiations were continuing. wasn us who called a strike vote. That is why we have asked the union to withdraw or cancel the strike vote, so we can actually work away at getting a settlement, he said.

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increased costs for compensation or program service delivery for the colleges.

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Sinclair said, however, that negotiations would continue with union representatives at the table all this week until Aug. 31 when the current Reebok White Gum

in August, both sides asked the Minister of Labour to provide a conciliator. The conciliator report should be available soon, if it is not already, Arbus said. a formal legal step in the bargaining process, and once that is completed the union is in a position to call for a strike vote, which we have done to test the membership on Sept. 10.

issue for us is about money. The two sides are about $200 million apart, Sinclair said. $140 million of that has to do with increases in work load and staffing costs. About another $46 million relates to the terms of wages they are proposing. said that the province has made it clear to its broader public sector partners, to which the colleges belong, that there are to be no Reebok Memory Tech 365

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we also have seen the salary settlements in the universities that are certainly above zero per cent. We also seen the bonuses that have been awarded to managers of various sectors in various ministries, which certainly brings their increases above zero per cent, even when their salaries are frozen. Susan Hunter, director of marketing and communications for Sault College, said the administration continues to hope for a successful contract settlement, while developing contingency plans should classes be disrupted.

´╗┐Strike vote at Sault College

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