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He said he expects the document which includes a mission statement, vision, list of values and action plans to keep council focused on what matters most.

Saucony Sneakers 2017

Saucony Sneakers 2017

He said council considered all of the input when Reebok Classic Leather Black Gum

He said though the document is scheduled to guide 2013 to 2015, there may be opportunities to extend or revise it.

a single page hung in his and council's offices this week to ensure it's not easily forgotten.

Saucony Sneakers 2017

Saucony Sneakers 2017

´╗┐Strategic plan gets warm welcome

Saucony Sneakers 2017

Saucony Sneakers 2017

"Sometimes as a council we're all over the place, and I'm a contributor to that as much as anybody else," he said.

"As a new councillor, I wish I could have had this tool to start my term off," added Coun. Maurice Dupelle.

Saucony Sneakers 2017

"The only issue going forward is making sure you follow through on all of these," he said.

"If we don't Saucony Sneakers 2017 act on those suggestions from the public, we are making a huge mistake," agreed Coun. Denis Carr. " is key."

Saucony Sneakers 2017

"People who were committed to their issues were really committed."

Monday night, wrapping up a month long process to consult in and outside city hall on direction for Cornwall's future.

Council formally adopted the plan at their meeting on Reebok New Shoes 2018 Pump

determining the final pillars and actions plans, and they now have a responsibility to ensure the goals are achieved.

"You could try to get things aligned more tightly with the term of council," he explained. "You might want to revisit this come the next election."

Saucony Sneakers 2017

Mayor Bob Kilger promised to have a framed copy of the document compiled onto Saucony Jazz Premium

Saucony Sneakers 2017

"This plan could, with a little bit of tweaking, be used for the next five to ten years," added Coun. Andre Rivette.

"The majority of people who came to that session came for a couple of hours," said the college's Greg Libitz.

Staff were asked to fill out surveys on their top priorities, and a public consultation was held at the civic complex as well.

Libitz said they will hold a follow up session with city staff in the coming weeks to ensure recommendations and projects adhere to the strategic plan.

Council and senior managers met for a day and a half earlier this month, along with facilitators from St. Lawrence College's corporate learning centre.

CORNWALL A couple of councillors were converted to the benefits of strategic planning after seeing the final draft of a document that will guide the rest of their term.

Saucony Sneakers 2017

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