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Enrollment in other cities in the region

"This is just me, but when we look at enrollment projections over the next 10 years, I think we're going to have to look at a fourth traditional high school," Alberty said. "We're not a long way from that."

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One alternative is New Technology High, which opened in 2010 next to Southeast Technical Institute and now has 284 students in a projects based curriculum. Another is the Career and Technical Education academy, or CTE, also opening in 2010, also near Southeast Tech. It will have 875 students this fall. Most are enrolled at Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt or New Tech and come to CTE two hours a day for career based learning. Another group is the at risk and Joe Foss alternative cohort, which attends class in the Axtell Park building.

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"In some ways you can make the school feel smaller," Goodwin said from Denver.

Bryan Goodwin, chief operating officer for the Colorado based Mid continent Research for Education and Learning, said some research recommends 600 to 900 Saucony Atlanta

Sioux Falls' public high schools form a geographic arc around the city. Washington High, downtown for most of past century, moved to its new home in 1992 at Sixth and Sycamore in the city's northeast corner. Lincoln opened in 1965 66 at 41st and Cliff in the southeast. Roosevelt opened in the southwest, at 41st and Sertoma, in 1991. They each have about 2,000 students and last year were the Reebok Npc Vintage

Saucony Grid Sd Premium Public Garden

Alberty has little doubt where a new school would go.

Saucony Grid Sd Premium Public Garden

Saucony Grid Sd Premium Public Garden

Homan is sure of it. Research offers no useful consensus on an ideal size, she said. Sioux Falls' approach will put grades 9 12 in six locations Monday the three traditional schools and three alternatives.

Saucony Grid Sd Premium Public Garden

Saucony Grid Sd Premium Public Garden

Kent Alberty, the school board president, sees it differently.

Middle school to open on northwest fringe

Alternative schools also absorb growth

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A fourth school in the northwest would extend the arc. Some of that area, while inside city limits, seeps into neighboring Tri Valley and West Central school districts. But Saucony Grid Sd Premium Public Garden the Sioux Falls district covers a vast part of that area as well, west of Interstate 29 and north of 12th Street. It's an area of change, with future housing, University Center, a new I 90 exit at Marion Road, a new Walmart last week and, starting Monday, the new McGovern Middle School. Another high school nearby would make sense, Alberty said.

as ideal for a high school. Effective schools larger than that adapt with flexible schedules and career themed academies to create choices. They also innovate to encourage close knit student subgroups anything from accelerated classes to marching band to create a sense of a school within a school.

Pam Homan. superintendent of the Sioux Falls School District, talks about how the district does not need a fourth high school at this time. Roosevelt High School Principal Tim Hazlett talks about getting ready for the school year which starts Monday.

´╗┐strives to stay on top of enrollment

three biggest schools in South Dakota.

Eight public high schools in South Dakota are in that 600 to 900 range, but most fit elsewhere. Rapid City Central and Stevens were at 1,900 and 1,500 last year. Aberdeen Central had 1,209 and Watertown 1,139. Sioux Falls has two middle schools, Memorial and Patrick Henry, above 1,100, and Huron's elementary had 1,043 children last year. Washington High set a standard for large with 2,925 in grades 10 12 at the old downtown school in 1964 65, the year before Lincoln opened. O'Gorman, a Sioux Falls Catholic school, has 707 this fall and Sioux Falls Christian 268 in grades 9 12.

High growth expected in northwest area

Alberty said he and Homan Reebok Pump Shoes

(Photo: Joe Ahlquist / Argus Leader)

"I don't think there's a magic number," said Mary Stadick Smith, director of operations and information at the Department of Education.

Rroni Basha (left) and Edin Cardona, both Roosevelt High seniors with the Link Crew, give incoming freshmen a tour of the school last week in Sioux Falls. Tim Hazlett, Roosevelt principal, says 600 freshmen will start this fall at the high school, which has the highest enrollment in the state.

aren't so far apart. She's looking at the modest 1.1 percent annual growth the next five years alongside the district's emphasis on nontraditional student pathways that relieve pressure on traditional schools. He's looking at rooftops in new neighborhoods. In any case, the school board has had no preliminary discussion yet concerning a fourth school or a land purchase or what would be a $30 million decision to build it.

"I like to have a school at 1,100 to 1,200," said Andy Dahlen, principal at Fargo North, where enrollment is 932. "When it's lower it gets more difficult to offer all the electives that kids want . and when you get too large, kids kind of get lost in the shuffle."

There's no tipping point where schools automatically become too big, Alberty said. But the notion of a right size for a high school is a topic where communities are all over the map. Minneapolis has seven public high schools, all smaller than those in Sioux Falls. Omaha also has seven, with its biggest at 2,392. Fargo, with half the K 12 enrollment of Sioux Falls, has three public high schools, also half the size.

Should Sioux Falls build a fourth public high school?

"When we look at the numbers projected for the Sioux Falls School District, I can tell you, maybe a future superintendent, a future school board may see that need someday, but certainly today we don't see one," Homan said last week.

Saucony Grid Sd Premium Public Garden

"As we grow northwest, I believe that's the area we're going to see houses go up and where the younger families are . and where we're going to need to look at adding that fourth traditional high school," he said.

Saucony Grid Sd Premium Public Garden

Saucony Grid Sd Premium Public Garden

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