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Karen Van Der Swan believes the tourist industry is changing; the commodities and services tourists want has also evolved .

Earlier this week, O said the association was awaiting Ministry of Transportation approval for billboard signs that will be erected at the Mile Hill for drivers travelling north and in the Montreal River area for those driving south.

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got together with other local business people to organize.

In June 2013, decades after the original tourist association was formed, a meeting took place at the Salzburger Hof Resort with about 20 area businesses in attendance.

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Reebok Silver Shadow

The recently incorporated Superior Coastal Highlands Tourist Association (SCHTA) encompasses the area beginning just outside the city limits of Sault Ste. Marie at Heyden, north to Montreal River and inland as far as Searchmont.

the permits are granted, O said, as association meetings aren being held over the summer and members are busy with their businesses.

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Reebok Silver Shadow

Karen Van Der Swan is SCHTA vice president and secretary and her experience in the tourist business goes back to her childhood.

Visitors experience a kaleidoscope of sound, colour and rustic grandeur along the northeastern shore of Lake Superior where the Great Lakes St. Lawrence forests transition into the Boreal forests of the rugged Canadian or Precambrian Shield.

Its motto, letterheads and the two large highway signs that will be erected in the near future, will promote the region within these geographical boundaries, and enhance the business opportunities of its members.

Strength in numbers

are huge in marketing and the people there just do so much for tourism in the region said Van Der Swan, who contends that while AKTA has the resources to attract visitors from all over the world, there needs to be a mechanism in place to get them to stay here longer.

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Reebok Silver Shadow

Visitors who stay or extend their stay in the region will bolster the local economy and help businesses succeed. The businesses will, in turn, provide employment for locals, re invest in the area, encourage tourists to stay longer and make the region a destination point.

Frank O attended as the region representative with AKTA and introductions took place with discussion. A luncheon was held after the meeting closed and talk came around that maybe it was time to bring back their own tourist association.

There are three provincial parks: Batchawana Bay, Pancake Bay and Lake Superior.

Anyone who has taken the drive from Sault Ste. Marie northward to Wawa along Trans Canada Highway knows that the rugged scenery and ever changing face of Lake Superior is spectacular.

It is also important to encourage them to stay in the area longer by providing commodities and services.

women are working and are not always interested in cooking like before, they may do some barbecuing, but they come up to the restaurant too and this has become an integral part of the whole accommodation/resort business. sometimes the needs of the business sector are part of something they do together in order to promote goods and services. So, in the 1960s, Karen father, Ralph, Saucony Blue

One of the highlights of the service came when they were called upon to search for survivors after the Edmond Fitzgerald went down Nov. 10, 1975.

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The Reebok Silver Shadow new association initial goal was to get like minded businesses together to work toward the and operation of an association of tourist operators, merchants and tourist related businesses along the northeastern shores of Lake Superior, said O president of the newly minted association and owner/operator of the Voyageurs Lodge and Cookhouse in Batchawana Bay, he knows firsthand how important it is to attract tourists.

the interests of the members and present their views to other associations, government bodies and regulatory agencies as may be prudent from time to time and consistent with the objectives of the corporation. other important aims are to welcome visitors, promote and market the region history, develop partnerships, network and advance membership interests.

The Algoma Kinniwabi Tourist Association, an agency representing the Algoma region from St. Joseph Island to Wawa met with the group to explain what they do for the tourist region.

continue to work on attracting members and promote our little piece of the world. We have about two thirds on board now, said O who said working together as a team will benefit everyone.

am looking for volunteers to dig and install once Saucony Vintage

would say this was the biggest group who started the association and were responsible for getting the tourist information centre constructed at Batchawana Bay Park, she said. were very instrumental at that point of getting it there. original tourist association evolved and did a lot good things, but there was less and less interest over time.

O said he believes that although the large tourism associations, such as Algoma Kinniwabi Tourism Association, (he is the region representative with AKTA), or Tourism Sault Ste. Marie, the budgets, personnel and the marketing leverage to bring the world traveller to our region, our role is to ensure that visitors stay here as long as possible. working together as a team on the North Shore, we can make that happen, he said.

In addition to the benefits of a flourishing economy, O said SCHTA can Reebok Blue Sneakers

parents have been in the tourism resort business in Batchawana Bay since I was six years old. It second nature and I totally enjoy it, she said in a recent interview at Lake Shore Salzburger Hof Resort, the family business.

Businesses, both seasonal and year round, provide an array of services and products. The association can the region and its attributes as a first class tourist destination, said its president Frank O in a recent interview.

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This was not their first foray into the tourism business, having bought the Buckeye Resort on Highway 563 from an Ohio couple in 1960. The Elsigans and bush pilot Dick Pipoli got together to operate Batchawana Bay Air Service. They had two Beavers and one Cessna 180.

The Batchawana Bay Tourist Association was formed when Ralph got together with Gerry Demers of Agawa Crafts, Helen and Penti Saarinen of Whispering Pines.

became just a few core people doing the volunteer work, and eventually it disbanded, said Van Der Swan.

Her parents, Ralph and Ann Elsigan, took over the business in 1972 and opened the restaurant six years later. It was called Superior Wonderland then and father did a lot of the architectural changes taking on a European theme, specifically German and Austrian in order to add to the mix we already had in the area. also changed the name to Lake Shore Salzburger Hof Resort.

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