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client is not in a hurry, Gaudi is reported to have said.

As well as broken ceramics, he recycled scrap metals for decoration.

´╗┐Straight lines and nature don't mix

But in Barcelona, Spain, one building that not even finished yet draws more than three million visitors per year.

Saucony Jazz Original Suede Cream

Saucony Jazz Original Suede Cream

How many city apartment buildings attract millions of admirers from around the world, as do his fanciful and bizarre casas?

can feed off each other.

What Gaudi left behind in Barcelona is an inspiring celebration of creativity and art.

Construction began in the 1880s, Gaudi died in 1926 and there probably only an outside chance that what called the Cathedral of the Poor will be completed by the hundredth anniversary of his death.

Saucony Jazz Original Suede Cream

straight line belongs to man, Gaudi is reported to have said. curved line belongs to God. drew inspiration from the countryside, yet his undulating structures with their trademark mosaics of inlaid broken ceramics seem to spring from an imaginary landscape filled with mystical creatures and vibrant colours.

Saucony Jazz Original Suede Cream

Doors have handles sculpted to fit the human hand, built in mailboxes and the equivalent of peepholes.

Once funded by alms, Sagrada Familia is now being built with tourist dollars.

Anyone who has ever picked through a pile of two by sixes in a lumber yard knows the peril of trying to impose straight lines on nature.

It safe to say almost no tourists would count the government building at Queen and Gore streets as a high point of their trip to Sault Ste. Marie. Nor the Bondar building or civic centre, though they are nice enough to look at.

Anticipating architecture by a century, Gaudi supported his public square on hollow pillars and covered it with sand. Rain was filtered by the sand, drained through the pillars into a cistern and then fed fountains in mosaic lizard and dragon shapes that adorned the subdivision entrance.

Saucony Jazz Original Suede Cream

The Sagrada Familia, a soaring cathedral that has been described as looking as if it were Saucony Jazz Original Suede Cream melting in the sun, was largely the creation of architect, Antoni Gaudi.

Yet the vast majority of what humans build has ruthlessly straight lines, sharp corners and smooth surfaces. That stands in sharp contrast to the natural world around us.

Saucony Jazz Original Suede Cream

Saucony Jazz Original Suede Cream

took particular mathematical precision to build works that were not mere structure, but also sculpture, Michael Cavna put it last year in the Washington Post. exploded space and exploded the sense of what was possible. of Gaudi architecture school instructors is supposed to have wondered if they were giving a diploma to a nut or a genius.

At Parc Guell, a rural subdivision for rich folks then far removed from city limits, he had a workman sit in wet clay and then used the buttocks impression to design a serpentine bench (mosaic, of course) that surrounds the public square. It concrete that almost as comfortable as an upholstered chair, decades before someone first dreamed up the word Guell has elevated roadways build on pillars shaped like tree trunks and supporting vegetation to make them look like part of the forest, with arcades underneath for humans to stroll in shade and shelter.

might have been the sort of financial extravagances that would prompt parliamentary inquiries today. But they demonstrate that imagination and practicality Reebok New Shoes Price

His buildings were the first in Europe to Reebok Alien Stomper Box

have their own parking spaces.

Tourists (including me, last month) flock to them. If you fortunate enough to have visited Barcelona, you seen them. And most who see them agree that Gaudi was ahead of his time a century ago and remains well ahead of it today.

His visionary imaginings Reebok Kendrick Lamar Classic Leather Perfect Split

Gaudi built his apartments so all living quarters had abundant natural light and sleeping rooms were away from street noise. There are air shafts, ventilation systems, pioneering uses of gaslights and plumbing.

Saucony Jazz Original Suede Cream

Saucony Jazz Original Suede Cream

This financial catastrophe and artistic triumph is the best known of a number of Gaudi creations in the capital city of the Catalan area of Spain. So weird and wonderful are his works that they been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Saucony Jazz Original Suede Cream

Layouts were even designed to help servants do their work more efficiently and bring families together in common spaces.

But don dismiss his buildings as ornamentation or even art. They are determinedly functional, perhaps more so than many of today utilitarian structures.

Saucony Jazz Original Suede Cream

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