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MM your statement is fine, if it Saucony Progrid Echelon 3

All of you are right MM needs to wake up smell the coffee!!

Reebok Basketball Shoes Black And White

Well, I think we have 2 choices here but we need the chairman (Mr Morgan)to give us guidance. I assume he is a real person (not just a phigment of my imagination). Firstly we need to know whether or not us fans are being unrealistic in expecting the club to improve in the quality talent of the playing staff or whether we should just be satisfied with merely being in the Premier league. If the latter is the chairman intention the there is only one course of action. STOP wasting money on improving the stadium that you can even fill at the present cut ticket prices matchday costs (refreshments, program etc). I do mean cut, not freeze prices, the fans incomes are going down in real terms, not staying the same!

Reebok Basketball Shoes Black And White

The fact is we need him Reebok Basketball Shoes Black And White on pitch but your struggling to find a place for him on field and NOT DROP DOYLE which in my opinion is well out of form.

"If he does get that, then there's every opportunity for him to get back into the side."

Time to sweep the management out and half the playing staff sitting in an lovely looking empty stadium wont be pleasant mr Morgan

That would allay any concerns the Wolves boss has about the striker's fitness, given the length of time he has been out.

Reebok Basketball Shoes Black And White

I dont want to moan or indeed slag the manager off at all. I want Wolves to be as successful as possible. Im struggling to get over Micks comments after a game we had 1 shot on target, 1 corner and 39% possession though. Is this deluded thinking by him or are the majority of us missing something here?? Last night Villa had very similar stats at Spurs, granted they are better than Everton, however their manager even confirmed it was a bad night for his team. I cannot see anything else a manager could say. And yet. Micks delighted.

I find this very odd! Edwards is straight back in the team when he has been injured (more than just recently) Henry last year, once he was training again straight in the team. Jarvis, Doyle and Hunt last year? :S (might be a couple more?) Id imagine as soon as Stears is fit he will be straight back in and so would O find it very strange and baffles me. Fletcher, Adlene, Zubar, SEB and Miljas all have to prove fitness but others don Looks like one rule for some and another for others, doesn displace the theory he has his favourites does it?!

Stearman, Berra, Henry??

as i go on every week Saucony Whiskey

We pay to see a good team not a good stadium

Reebok Basketball Shoes Black And White

Reebok Basketball Shoes Black And White

well lets get fletch on drop doyle deeper as he cant score and never has been able to since he arrived good at link up but not a threat

I said last week, if Fletcher is and in form he would always play for me, as he clearly our best goalscorer at the club. But it may be just paper talk? But its a bit rich if its MM saying it, has he played 3 4 players in the past, and even this season who come straight back in without proving their or only having played 45mins, or less in the reserves, then back in the first team next match up? Lets just hope Steven comes through the match ok. Because without him ,quite frankly Reebok Crossfit Shoes Blue

lets get the full back positions sorted and also sack MM and connor because if he thinks Stearman has been good this season then he shouldnt be a manager

´╗┐Steven Fletcher told to prove his fitness by Wolves boss Mick McCarthy Express Star

we have had chances to strengthen but we seem quite happy to have the money and drop a division

Wolves' 7million club record signing Steven Fletcher was today challenged to prove his fitness and win a recall against Chelsea.

Reebok Basketball Shoes Black And White

Reebok Basketball Shoes Black And White

He played Edawrds straight back in and Kitely was CERTAINLY NOT FIT when MM picked him in front of the in form Hammill!! A point proved by Kites going to Watford to improve his match fitness and form

Asked what Fletcher needed to do to win his place back, McCarthy said: "I want him to be fully fit having not played a game because he hasn't played 90 minutes for a long time.

All you get from Jez Moxey is " All our players are better now they have Premiership expierience!" REALLY JEZ LIKE WHO ???

Read the full story in today's Express Star.

Just go to Compton watch training these players are nowhere near as fit as others incliding the three newly promoted sides.

The man is MAD MAD MAD MAD!!

But manager Mick McCarthy wants to see the three goal joint top scorer come through a full game in the second string against Arsenal reserves at AFC Telford tonight.

Reebok Basketball Shoes Black And White

Expierience is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ABILITY AT THE TOP LEVEL , the sooner we adopt that policy we will then finish mid table, until then it looks odds on the we will be relegated by March!!!

Reebok Basketball Shoes Black And White

was the same rule for everyone, you obviously don like fletcher, i seem to remember your favourites being put straight back in team without having to "PROVE THEIR FITNESS" Kightly? Edwards?

we dont look like scoring most matches, he gives you something different from Doyle, who does a great job of holding the ball up, and playing on both channels,bringing other players into it ,but the downside to that, is he never gets into goal scoring positions, unlike Fletcher who always hanging around the back post waiting for a or low pass to stick it in the net. Thats what i like about him, yes he doesn run here ,there and everywhere, but he excellent at what we bought him for,and thats to score UTW:

again ward was caught out for the penalty and we are looking relegated already

Fletcher hasn't played since October 1 because of a torn calf sustained in training in the build up to the Black Country derby on October 16, but has fully recovered.

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Reebok Basketball Shoes Black And White

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