Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes

Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes

Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes

´╗┐stress jobs lead to time off

Dunham said there have been studies done in Saskatchewan and British Columbia showing a high incidence of post traumatic stress syndrome in corrections officers.

MGS initially offered the corrections bargaining unit the chance to voluntarily agree to Reebok Exofit White

The Ministry of Government Services (MGS) offer regarding sick time was influenced by a report from the Auditor General expressing concern over corrections officers taking an average of 31.5 days a year in sick leave.

Dunham said the officers were demonstrating more in support of the 3,700 corrections officers across the province, none of whom work in Cornwall since the Cornwall jail was shut down, than to champion their own interests.

As it stands, OPSEU is encouraging its members to vote against what it calls "a punitive sick time position" on Jan. 27, 28 and 29, but give the ministry another chance to make a better offer before going on strike.

However, the offer says the 13.75 per cent wage increase granted over the next four years is contingent on acceptance of the sick time offer.

Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes

of probation and parole officers has sent a warning to the Ministry of Government Services they will strike if the ministry doesn't reconsider its position on sick time policies.

take lots of sick time because they work in very high stress environments under difficult conditions.

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Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes

OPSEU has been pushing to get a similar study completed in Ontario.

Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes

Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes

Dunham says prison guards, probation and patrol officers often Reebok Dmx Walking Shoes

16 days of sick time a year. In rejecting the offer, the alternative outlined in the offer is taking an initial start up of 60 hours of sick credits for the first year (corrections officers work 12 hour shifts), and accrue five hours of sick time a month up to 144 over three years, which can be carried over. The accrual of the five hours per month is dependent on the worker not missing a day of work that month.

Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes

Close to a dozen of the officers from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and the Ministry of Child and Youth Services picketed the ministry office on Pitt Street Monday with signs reading "Don't screw us again," "Excellent work = 0," and "Our work keeps the community safe."

"The government tabled a fair and reasonable offer for the corrections bargaining unit," he said. "The government is ready to return to the negotiating table."

Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes

Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes

"We're not striking, we're demonstrating because the ministry ignored the concerns OPSEU brought forward about sick time," said Brian Dunham, a parole and probation officer and president of Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Local 453.

"It's basically a bribe," Dunham said. "Taking over 30 days Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes off a year in sick time is a legitimate issue, but it's not grounds for bargaining. If there are workers abusing the system, then go after the abusers."

Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes


A government official said the province "hopes to reach a settlement that is fair and reasonable to the taxpayers of Ontario while recognizing the important contribution of its employees."

Reebok Easytone Womens Shoes

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