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It was about politics Don Siegelman's politics. Don Siegelman and former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy guilty of corruption, but questions still linger over whether the case was a political prosecution.

Actually it's not incomprehensible, merely inconvenient for his argument. There can be one of two answers.

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What the evidence showed, and what the jury accepted, was this: To help HealthSouth, Scrushy needed representation on the state's Certificate of Need Review Board. Scrushy had backed Siegelman's opponent, incumbent Gov. Fob James, and Scrushy needed a way to make amends with Reebok Online

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When Siegelman's campaign finance consultant, Darin Cline, saw the first of the two $250,000 checks, he didn't understand who it was from. He testified at the trial that Siegelman was an idiot for being a part of the scheme, and he told him to give the money back.

Unlike when Siegelman and Scrushy were convicted in 2006, a conspiracy today would have to include some of the nation's most powerful Democrats unless we are to believe that the Obama administration reached Saucony Guide 9 Mens

I'll go through some of the points Gershman makes. (Unlike him, I was there at the trial.) However, I'll start with the end of his piece first.

the newly elected governor. Ultimately, after several meetings, Reebok Pump Fury 2018

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Last week, Pace Law School professor Bennett Gershman was the latest to question the prosecution and the verdict. His column for the Huffington Post hits many of the points Siegelman apologists have hammered over the years.

Witnesses from both HealthSouth and the governor's office testified about the scheme. Scrushy tried to obscure the payments by enlisting the help of a UBS banker and a Delaware based nursing home company. The cash had been routed to an out of state account the Democratic Party kept.

The first is that Barack Obama has joined the vast conservative Karl Rove led conspiracy to imprison Siegelman like a modern day Nelson Mandela.

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For much of his career, Siegelman danced on the line between what was legal and what wasn't. It was only a matter of time before he stumbled over it. (If you want the whole saga, I recommend former Mobile Press Register reporter Eddie Curran's 645 page tome.)

The evidence in the case showed Siegelman was guilty.

´╗┐still guilty commentary and live chat

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If the first option is true, it wouldn't involve only the president. It would involve those below him, as well. The next man down on the ladder would be Attorney General Eric Holder.

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the White House and forgot to look for evidence that Bush's Saucony Jazz Low Pro brain, Rove, had orchestrated a plot to jail a Southern Democrat.

Never mind that those questions were answered a long time ago.

Or there could be a simpler explanation.

Scrushy agreed to pay $500,000 toward Siegelman's lottery campaign. Siegelman had personally guaranteed the lottery campaign's debt, so Scrushy's contribution benefited him personally. In exchange, HealthSouth got its appointments from the governor.

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"Why President Obama has refused to grant Siegelman a pardon or commute his sentence is incomprehensible," he writes.

I believe the latter because, unlike Gershman and many others who have carried the same banner, I was there at the trial.

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