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A lengthy process of informational gatherings ensued in order to bring prospective to the bigger picture so all participants could find a way to move on.

Sayers said when Saucony Camouflage

The word went out to attend meetings and voice concerns.

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´╗┐Still with us in spirit

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have to have plans on how to rectify the situation. That why we had so many meetings, we did our best to educate, educate, educate in understanding the logic of what we were doing, understand the cost and look at how it would be paid for. was decided by the majority of the40 people who attended a meeting at Lakeshore Resort that the old church would come down.

The original structure was built in 1902 only to be replaced in 1937 and moved up the road to where it sat since 1948. But age guarantees nothing and when St. Isaac Jogues was recently demolished, the community reaction was predictable.

A ground breaking ceremony at the site of the church followed in May Reebok Ladies Training Shoes to welcome construction of the new community centre.

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have to meet and talk about it, said Sayers.

coming around the point at Batchewana River the church was visible across the bay, a welcome sight and happy memory for many.

The initial plans were to incorporate the aging church into the new multipurpose complex the band was building at the site, but thousands more than the budget called for would have to be spent to bring it up to standard first.

Then the proverbial shoe fell and the community has literally been left to pick up the pieces after the old church came down.

Many were initially in shock but, after considerable consultation, they were able to reconcile with decisions that had to be made.

architectural integrity could be preserved in order to protect the distinct and unique identity of the structure.

was determined the church was in such a dilapidated condition, not only the steeple, but the entire front was rotten from water getting in and being exposed, wide open. The entire column was rotten, it was dangerous, Sayers said.

It was an honourable gesture to have the old church included in the plans, but then architectural and engineering assessments unearthed serious issues.

Sayers and council knew it was a sensitive issue but putting an exorbitant amount of money into renovating the crumbling structure was not feasible.

St. Isaac Jogues has been closed since 1991, people cared about its history and wellbeing and it was left relatively intact, said Sayers in an interview.

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But throughout the consultation process between chief, council and community, the consensus in the end was to support the reasoning behind demolition as a viable solution.

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A few might not have been convinced and, as Reebok Light Up Sneakers

Reebok Ladies Training Shoes

were ready to implode and a good wind could have blown it over, Sayers said.


with any process that evolves with differences of opinion at the forefront, sometimes difficult decisions have to be made.

At issue was the church age and crumbling infrastructure, so Batchewana First Nation of Ojibways officials, including Chief Dean Sayers and council, planned numerous information meetings to keep the community informed.

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It had been determined that it would be very costly to renovate with an estimate of only 5% of the original materials suitable for restoration.

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was a group of individuals in the village who were adamant and really fought hard to have this church protected and transferred to the band so we could look after it. a period of negotiation, ownership of the decommissioned Roman Catholic Church property was officially transferred to the Batchewana First Nation of Ojibways last Jan. 18.

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Reebok Ladies Training Shoes

The foundation had crumbled and the walls and windows on the sides were bowed with only a steel rod to hold up the structure.

Once the church was demolished, the village landscape was changed forever. Its presence had graced the bay shoreline for decades, while weathering storms that blew in from Lake Superior.

What was thought to be the more fiscally acceptable alternative presented by chief and council was to demolish and rebuild the structure.

are taking responsibility and complete charge of building the $1.3 million facility on land that is held in trust and we are building it because our people need it, Sayers said.

Since the transfer in January, chief, council and administration hosted seven meetings with their membership and developed plans to construct a multipurpose centre to accommodate the community needs.

It would be safe to say that a St. Isaac Jogues Roman Catholic Church in Batchewana Village has been around longer than anyone can remember unless, of course, you more than 110 years old.

It was known that the steeple was leaning and rotten at the base from years of water damage, but it was believed that the structure Saucony Shoes Mens

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