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Newspapers are very much part of their lives. Each week, 5.7 million Australians in regional areas read a newspaper, according to emma data.

alone, emma finds newspapers reach 15 million Australians every month. They read four distinct types of newspaper National, Metropolitan, Regional and Community. Each one caters to different aspects of their personalities and lives and, consequently, there is considerable overlap.

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unique environment provided by each type of newspaper.

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Strengths of going local

For advertisers, this presents the opportunity to do as newspapers do speak to Australians in an authentic voice. Messages can be tailored to take advantage of the Saucony Kinvara 4 London

In their printed format Saucony Omni 15

The Regional newspaper audience is almost exclusively outside the five major metros (95%). Each newspaper tends to focus on a geographically targeted area. This encompasses a diverse range of localities, from large urban centres such as Newcastle, the Sunshine Coast or Geelong, through to more rural areas such as Kalgoorlie in WA or Mildura in Victoria.

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play. Their readers are concentrated in the 30 44 age group, with a particular skew towards women. Mothers of young children tend to be heavily invested in the local community, where school, sport and other activities are a focal point of their lives.

Horses for regional courses

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National and Metropolitan newspapers are read extensively outside the five main metros, in other urban centres and regional areas. Just under half of their audience (39%) is in these areas.

The Local Newspaper Report, found that Australians relate quite differently to Regional newspapers compared to Metro and National titles. They reflect its mind and mood and stand up for it, while also acting as a watchdog.

More than half of all National and Metropolitan newspaper readers (61%) can be found in these markets, with the remainder in regional areas.

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With their practical orientation, Community newspapers are also effective in generating a call to action. For retailers this can translate into store traffic. Some 62% of readers have visited a store or business because of advertising in Community papers. They spend just as much in supermarkets and are big spenders on items such as electrical goods.

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Readers feel more positive about a store or business that advertises in their local paper (57%). Community papers significantly outscore other local media, such as letterbox material (18%) and local radio (15%). They can, therefore, augment National and Metropolitan newspapers for advertisers looking to build brand affinity.

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Communities differ from Metro and National papers in the profile of their audience, reflecting the different role they Reebok All Terrain Women's

Communities, on the other hand, are the heartbeat of their suburb, connecting readers with their community by providing practical and motivating information. Two thirds of Community newspaper readers (3.3 million people) also read Metropolitan titles.

Australia's five major metropolitan areas have a combined population of 9.7 million aged Reebok Shoes 2017 14 or older. Most of them (8.4 million) are newspaper readers.

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There is another bulge in the 65+ age group retirees also spend more time than others in the local area.

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