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Ruth undertook a degree in theology and religious studies at Roehampton and at the end of her second year gave birth to son Tian, now eight.

She was selected for the training programme but fell pregnant with her first child, Freya, now 16, and decided the time was not right.

Saucony Iso Triumph 2

Saucony Iso Triumph 2

Since an early age, growing up in Essex, religion has been the central focus of Ruth's life.

people can live in harmony.

to relate on a level of humanity."

He studied while working as part time chaplain for Richmond Church Charity's almshouses, a job Ruth took on three years ago so the family could remain in their home at Hickey's Almshouse, SheenIn 1992 Ruth was appointed a deacon and attached to Richmond Team Ministry the churches of St Mary Magdalene, St Matthias and St John the Divine.

Saucony Iso Triumph 2

Ordained in 1994 as one of the country's first female priests, Rev Ruth Scott works with many religious communities promoting interfaith communication.

´╗┐Struggling with the conflicts of Christianity From Richmond and Twickenham Times

"Going to church was the norm. Our social life was all around the parish church, it provided a stable background."

Despite being disturbed by the way Chris had been treated during his first curacy and suffering a number of miscarriages, Ruth could not ignore the call.

During her four year stint at St Thomas' Ruth met her husband of 23 years, Chris, a vicar.

"I think relationship is central. In the end when you strip everything away, it is what you are left with," says a vicar from Richmond Saucony Kineta Relay Black

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By the end of the eight days Ruth had agreed to help organise the next conference and her involvement grew from there.

Saucony Iso Triumph 2

"My own Christian journey leads me to think the most important thing is humanity in the way we live," she says. "As I go on in my own journey I can speak less certainly about what religion means.

"The most interesting thing is meeting people with interesting stories to tell," says the 45 year old. "It made me question my own faith. In the beginning it was quite trying. Then it made me

Saucony Iso Triumph 2

As part of her interfaith work, Ruth spent eight days in Auschwitz listening to people recollect their experiences or those of their families.

As a teenager, and the youngest of four children, Ruth believed she had all the answers, but leaving the comfort of her home to train as a nurse at St Thomas' Hospital, London, Saucony Iso Triumph 2 she began to

"A constant question for me is how to engage those who are entirely different in your own tradition and other traditions. I am still trying to work out the answer. I think it is to do with trying

Saucony Iso Triumph 2

Saucony Iso Triumph 2

an attempt to challenge her liberal theology she then went on to study an MA in systematic theology at King's College, known at the time for its conservative outlook.

At the same time she was writing scripts for a local producer and doing Prayer for the Day on Radio Four and Pause for Thought on Radio Two.

She also spent three days sleeping rough on the streets of London hearing the stories of the homeless.

"We moved to Shropshire and at that point I lost my faith completely. Suddenly everything I believed in came up for grabs. Everything went pear shaped."

in the Christian service."

aware of what I valued and the implications.

After spending a brief period in Yorkshire and then moving to a Herefordshire parish with Chris, Ruth started to think about becoming ordained.

"I went to a conference in Germany in 1993," says Ruth when asked how she became involved with Jewish Christian dialogue. "I went expecting to sit at the back quietly but I was asked to take part

who believes in the importance of understanding humanity.

Saucony Iso Triumph 2

Saucony Iso Triumph 2

question the pre judgements of her earlier life.

As Ruth talks about her life it becomes clear her focus is not religion but the ways in which Reebok Pump Shoes

Meanwhile Chris' dyslexia had been diagnosed, enabling him to enrol in a psychology course at Roehampton University, something he had always dreamed of doing.

Saucony Iso Triumph 2

Saucony Iso Triumph 2

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