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certain and I cannot see it, there is insufficient proof.'

Saucony Jazz With Jeans

Saucony Jazz With Jeans

Saucony Jazz With Jeans

Rose is following the instructions but these instructions appear ill conceived. The replays from all available angles showed one shot that looked as if a try had been scored but there was nothing absolute about the slow motion replay.

Lions leaderHi Stuart, Who would be your Lions captain and starting centre pairing, and why? Thanks

Saucony Jazz With Jeans

Saucony Jazz With Jeans

If the referee refers to his TMO, the logic suggests a degree of uncertainty in need of clearing up and not verification that there has been no obvious reason before the grounding of the ball.

The problem arises when the referee refers the decision to the TMO and the TMO cannot find certain evidence of the touchdown. And that problem emanates from the very decision to double check. If the official is sure, he should give it but the question itself means he is nowhere near say, 99% certain the ball has been touched down.

Saucony Jazz With Jeans

Miles Harrison thinks diametrically the opposite to me and if a try is likely to have been scored and the referee thinks so, it can be given. This is not some angry polemic but an opinion that has been germinating for some time. A Lions captain not assured of a Test berth? I like it, in a year when no potential captains appear as absolute Test team certainties, it makes sense.

Saucony Jazz With Jeans

Now that could be a referee giving the score immediately. Television cameras unless the intriguing development of the 'ref cam' becomes ubiquitous are not as flexible as the eyes of the man in the middle; Get himself in a perfect position and he will see a score that technology will struggle to verify. All well and good and in that situation the try must be immediately awarded and the referee's trust guaranteed.

score but once Rose expressed doubt, proof was needed from the man in the truck.

This match was decided by two points; much is at stake, not least the professional reputation of the game. A try should not be assumed to have been scored until the evidence proves it.

As it is, the TMOs have a series of answers and that is most assuredly not one of them.

STUART REPLIES: Mark, Undecided as to the captain especially if WG is toying with the idea of the skipper not necessarily being a Test player. Undecided as to the centre pairing as well, which gives a clue as to the man nearest to being my idea of the captain. Friday night is critical with Harlequins coming to Gloucester on the back of a five day turnaround. Northampton plays Leicester the next day. can you ask me this question next Monday, please!! As for the effort, solid? yes. They have shown massively improved mental determination and look more like the Gloucester teams of yore. There is plenty of room for improvement but I think ND has probably laid the foundations for that improvement next season. I do not see Gloucester as title winners this year but expect them to be a useful Heineken outfit the next one.

Saucony Jazz With Jeans

´╗┐Stuart Barnes questions logic of TMO system after Dylan Hartley incident

Mark Wilson

to the extent that a try should not be awarded unless visual evidence backs up the hunch. The obvious retort to the referee who asks the question (and it is one he is instructed to ask so there is no implicit criticism of the referee) is 'well, if you are not Saucony London Ontario

Saucony Jazz With Jeans

Referees if sure must award the try, if not they should be asking a question along the lines of 'is there proof of grounding?' If a try can not be ascertained then it should not be given.

It was the Dylan Hartley try, Northampton's third, watching the action live it appeared as if Hartley had scored it. Had the referee blown immediately for the score few, if any, would have criticised the decision.

Saucony Jazz With Jeans

Being positiveIf a knock on, or an illegitimate grounding or part of the body is not adjudged in touch Saucony Jazz With Jeans the TMO will say 'no reason not to award the try.' A double negative is inadequate grounds for awarding potentially match and season changing points.

That was the message David Rose sent to his television match official, Graham Hughes in the important and finely balanced match between Wasps and Northampton on Saturday afternoon.

Winning WalesHi Stuart, Last week you heaped praise on Wales after their Six Nations win, but how would you assess the state of domestic Welsh rugby?STUART REPLIES: Gavin, Parlous. The international team delivered a world class performance but the foundations elsewhere are not as strong. Wales has to boost the game at the professional level and come up with an immediate strategy to combat the likelihood of two Welsh football clubs in the Premiership which will threaten already small crowds as well as young player development. and we have not even got onto Wales losing players overseas. In itself I am not averse to players moving but Wales lacks the depth of players for it not to take a toll on the regions (especially if the next generation coming through want to be Gareth Bale instead of Sam Warburton).

I am pretty sure that Hartley did score but once Rose expressed doubt, proof was needed from the man in the truck. We should not be ever guessing or working on a hunch. To reiterate, this is not a criticism of Hughes or Rose (although the referee might think he should be in the right position to award the try as the ball is touched down) but a question aimed at the logic, thinking and phrasing of what passes between referee and TMO.

Yet when he asks the question the element of doubt multiplies Saucony Red White

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Saucony Jazz With Jeans

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