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Seriously ill asylum seeker flown to Brisbane from Manus IslandInclusions of Elliot Yeo, Scott Selwood show West Coast intentWhyalla News does Reebok Ventilator ice bucket challenge VIDEOSchapelle Corby boyfriend Ben Panangian arrested on drugs charges: reportsTony Abbott visit to India a chance to build closer ties after years of friction

said no source was mentioned on the flyer and he was "very confused" about the point that was being made.

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The flyer has been drawn free hand and shows a picture of a Bendigo Bank building, a Catholic church, a Muslim head dress, and the words "Bendigo City Council's Vision".

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´╗┐Strange drawing found in letterbox

He said the illustration looked like a "kiddy type drawing".

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Lions gains points in tough contest against WestlandsCouncil says yes to dog parkInspired to achieve goalsTriumphant swimming team returns homeAustralia worst highways revealed in studyWhyalla News does ice bucket challenge VIDEOPacked microchip day at vets Show to benefit from donationUni3A students do the ukuleleA showcase of sideshow alley love

He was not personally incensed by the flyer and but said that it was an act of cowardice. "If you've got something to say, you Reebok Beige

Reebok Ventilator

Reebok Ventilator

"I am not for or against whatever it is they are trying to say and I am certainly not swayed either way because of this mail piece in what could be construed to be hate mail against some unspecified religion," he said.

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put your name to what your saying," he said.

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"I checked neighbours, they've all got one," Mr Nash said.

"If it is no more than some childish prank then I guess we should all have a good laugh and move on.

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should be prepared to Saucony Excursion Tr9

He Reebok Crossfit Speed Tr

He said others in his area had received the same thing.

"My neighbours in Church Street have one in their letterboxes but I have not looked in the whole area."

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The illustration also had a deflated black balloon stapled to it.

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