Saucony Shoes On Feet

Saucony Shoes On Feet

Saucony Shoes On Feet

He said research shows the effects of concussion are cumulative the more concussions you get, and the shorter the period during which they occur, the worse the result.

get repetitive concussions, said Tator.

The workshops, meant to attract not only those in healthcare, but coaches, parents and the general public as well, will feature a panel of local experts who will speak about how to identify, assess and refer a possible concussion to a physician for diagnosis.

the first one had been managed differently, it's very possible he would have been back to play much faster, said Tator.

as they should be treated, said Tator.

of us think that we haven't gone far enough. That we really need to get rid of all hits to the head in hockey, said Tator.

´╗┐Stop all preventable hits to the head

Saucony Shoes On Feet

Sydney Crosby and his struggle after suffering two concussions within four days, is a good example of that, said Tator. Tator said there's no medication to treat that kind of situation.

Saucony Shoes On Feet

Making those kinds of changes to hockey may be the only way the sport can continue, he said.

Sports are changing, but not to the extent Tator thinks they will need to. Hockey Canada, the governing body for the sport where the most concussions occur in Canada, recently removed body checking from peewee hockey (under 13).

There's no medicine to treat the serious effects of multiple concussions, so the only answer is to try to stop people from getting them in the first place, says a concussion and brain injury expert who will speak in Sault Ste. Marie on Tuesday.

are all kinds of things we can do to prevent them that we have not been doing, said Dr. Charles Tator.

Saucony Shoes On Feet

more blood. The people who want more blood should stay home. a neurosurgeon at Toronto Western Hospital and a volunteer for injury prevention groups Parachute Canada and Think First, will give the keynote speech at a concussion workshop hosted by Algoma Public Health on Tuesday.

Saucony Shoes On Feet

people are told what is the best way to do it, they'll do it. But if they've never been told this, and are not aware of the best methods, then people are not going to be at a good advantage, he said.

Tator said he consults with concussion experts around the world and is coming to Sault Ste. Marie to bring as many people as possible up to speed on the current thinking on concussions and how to treat them.

Saucony Shoes On Feet

Tator said he thinks 16 would be a better cut off to prevent injury when the brain is going through an important growth phase. He said better equipment, a stricter enforcement of the rules and removing all hits from hockey would be even better, including eliminating fighting.

can't tell at the beginning how long it's going to take for the brain to recover, said Tator. have to reinstitute physical activity and mental activity on a graduated basis, by Saucony Shoes On Feet which we mean you try something, you see if it can be tolerated. If it can be tolerated, you move on the the next step. If it can't be tolerated, you move back to the previous step.

Despite growing evidence of the danger concussions pose in the long term, society still isn't treating concussions as seriously Reebok One Cushion 3.0 Nite

hockey moms and the hockey dads aren't dumb. They don't want to bring their kids to play where they're going to get brain injury, said Tator.

Saucony Shoes On Feet

unfortunate that concussion was not regarded seriously until the last 10 years or so, but now that we know it's a serious issue we shouldn't be subjecting our people to aggressiveness and violence on the ice, said Tator, in a phone interview Monday. day is over, when we should be cheering for Reebok Green Womens Shoes

Saucony Shoes On Feet

Saucony Shoes On Feet

Tator said it's important to prevent concussion in day to day life seniors suffer falls, tradespeople fall from ladders, people get in auto collisions but Tator said sports and recreation poses some problems. work, if you hit your head you take steps not to hit your head again, but if you're an adolescent and you're an aggressive player in hockey or football or basketball or soccer, then the situation is there for you to Reebok Answer 16

Giving your brain time to recover after a concussion helps, though Tator said the effectiveness varies from person to person.

Saucony Shoes On Feet

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