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Because it is clean and renewable, hydropower can help fight not only air and water pollution, but also climate change. It can do this while providing a long term supply of reliable, efficient, affordable electricity. (Hydropower facilities last 50 years on average, and even longer with refurbishment). In addition, hydropower is the only source of electricity that can have the added benefit of providing flood control, water reserves for agricultural and domestic needs, and peak load energy to support the development of other renewable but intermittent sources of electricity such as wind power.

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All human activity affects the environment. The production of electricity is no different. Some forms of electricity, however, such as hydropower, are less damaging to the environment by virtue of being renewable and clean. Certainly it is difficult to understand how any person in a position to select candidates for the Order of Canada could be so insensitive as to select such a person as Morgentaler for this honour. He first burst into public view as a performer of illegal abortions in the late 1960s and early 1970s showing a blatant disregard for Canadian law.

Most of the mercury found in the environment comes from smelters, incinerators, and coal and oil fired plants, although some is naturally occurring. Hence, by displacing coal and oil fired electricity plants, hydropower can help reduce mercury emissions in the environment.

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Rev. C. E. F. Mantle Goulais River, Ontartio

Finally, perhaps it is most important that all of us as a society show greater compassion and understanding for those unfortunate women poor, underprivileged, unmarried or abandoned who find themselves pregnant and help them in their time of need. Honouring a person like Morgentaler sends a very wrong message to society.

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This letter is being reprinted due to a number of errors caused by technical issues at the paper in the first print.

Wind power must be used in conjunction with other sources of electricity that compensate for its variability. For example, two countries leading in wind energy, Germany and Denmark, produce over 80 per cent of their electricity with fossil fuels. Canada, Reebok Fury with its huge and highly flexible hydropower capacity (on and off with the flick of a switch), can aspire to a truly sustainable and renewable energy mix. So why give

Ultimately his persistence Reebok Peach Shoes

From start to finish Morgentaler has shown a complete lack of appreciation for the sanctity of human life and has had no regard for the emotional and psychological wreckage caused to many women who later came regret their decision to have an abortion.

Morgentaler is no Dr. Banting or Dr. Salk, both of whom contributed to the saving of many lives. Rather, he has been an agent of death. There have been other physicians who have been "doctors of death" the likes of Nazi Dr. Mengele and Michigan Dr. Kevorkian come to mind. By selecting Morgentaler for the Order of Canada, this badge of honour has been made a badge of shame. It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Stephen Harper appeared less than enthusiastic concerning the selection of Morgentaler and it is to be hoped that a significant number of previous recipients of the Order will see fit to return them in Reebok Pump

´╗┐Stop tilting at windmills and help environment

InTilting at Windmills,a recent article in The Sault Star (Monday June 30, 2008), Conor Mihell's suggestion that hydropower "pollutes the aquatic environment with methyl mercury" is false.

resulted in the abolition of this law, opening the floodgates for the termination of countless young lives.

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hydropower such a bad rap when it can help Ontario and Canada meet its electricity needs while Saucony Cohesion Womens

Hydropower is one of the cleanest sources of electricity in the world. It produces no air pollutants that cause smog or acid rain, no polluting or toxic waste by products, and very few greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, hydropower emissions are equivalent to those produced by wind power on a life cycle basis. And hydropower does not produce methyl mercury.

When large expanses of land are flooded, there can be an increase in mercury circulation, which makes it more available for assimilation by fish. For that reason, fish found in new hydropower reservoirs can contain higher levels of mercury; however, these levels decrease after 20 to 30 years, reaching levels similar to those found in surrounding natural lakes.

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addressing climate change and pollution?

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