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Anthony Stefanizzi understands that sometimes lofty goals require lofty peaks.

Olympic roster, he said.

Although the Canadian Olympic team that will take to the slopes at the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, in February, 2014, was selected last year, Stefanizzi said he could still be added to the team.

´╗┐Stefanizzi on board

has the best all around snowboarding. It gets the most snow and has the best riding. the park riding Reebok Casual Shoes Flipkart

I like to do is put myself in their shoes and try to keep up, because I younger. If you try to compete against the best, that kind of how you get to your maximum potential. addition to representing Canada at the Olympics, another of Stefanizzi goals is to compete at the annual Winter X Games, where athletes vie for medals as well as prize money.

Reebok Freestyle Hi Pink

Reebok Freestyle Hi Pink

It involves performing tricks while moving around, over and across terrain full of obstacles, including boxes, rails, jumps and jibs.

Stefanizzi began snowboarding when he was six. He has yet to compete in Europe or on another continent, but he has travelled across North America, riding his board and doing what he loves.

Reebok Freestyle Hi Pink

Coach Higgins told him he might be able to crack the Reebok Latest Shoes For Men

Of all the places he has been, he says Whistler is his favourite venue.

Reebok Freestyle Hi Pink

Reebok Freestyle Hi Pink

And in the same way a snowboarder gathers speed on a downslope, Sefanizzi career has picked up steam since he relocated more than 4,000 kilometres from home. Provincial Snowboarding Team, Adam Higgins, who was impressed with Stefanizzi.

just got talking and they kind of recruited me, Stefanizzi said. Open and on the Canadian Shield circuit. Open Snowboarding Championships, which are set for Feb. 25 to March 2 in the Rockies, in Vail, Colo.

Colorado, because it always sunny, so you don have to worry about the weather. of the top competitors he faces are in their twenties. But Stefanizzi enjoys being one of the younger guys on tour and being challenged by the veterans because it forces him to elevate his game, he said.

Reebok Freestyle Hi Pink

is a possibility I could make those Olympics if I have an outstanding season this Reebok Freestyle Hi Pink year, he said. would be a dream come true.

Reebok Freestyle Hi Pink

The 18 year old has been practising his sport since and enjoying the ride of his life heading west last August on some of the best runs in North America.

There are several disciplines within the sport, and three events are included in the Winter Games, half pipe, parallel giant slalom and snowboard cross.

If he doesn make the team this time around, he will have to wait for the next Winter Games, in 2018.

Reebok Freestyle Hi Pink

Snowboarding, which became and Olympic sport in 1998, has become very popular in the past two decades.

Reebok Freestyle Hi Pink

The qualifying event is set for Feb. 1 3 at Spring Creek Mountain Resort, near Philadephia, Pa.

So the Sault Ste. Marie teen packed his gear and headed west to British Columbia where the mountain tops disappear into the clouds and the slopes are tailor made for Reebok Lifters Womens

doing exactly what I want to be doing. At 18, I pursuing my dream career, rather than settling for something else, said the former St. Mary College student.

is south of the boarder in the Rockies, he said.

Slopestyle, which is Stefanizzi forte, has been added to the 2014 Winter Games.

snowboarding. has.

Reebok Freestyle Hi Pink

amazing. It a completely different atmosphere out here. on Jan. 4 after spending Christmas in the Sault with his parents, John and Lori, and his brother David.

How much fun has he had since moving to the Pacific province?

younger now and I probably be able to perform better next year rather than when I 21, so I going to give it all I got this year, he said.

Reebok Freestyle Hi Pink

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