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Critics say Stogran isn't being reappointed because he has spoken out too strongly on the issues, something Stogran himself believes.

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The man tasked with sticking up for veterans isn't going down without a fight.

sees the government pension reduced if the veteran is entitled to a group insurance disability pension.

veterans against the clawback.

Pat Stogran, a retired colonel who Prime Minister Stephen Harper tasked with the job of veterans' ombudsman, says he will spend his final three months in the job letting Canadians know how badly their veterans are being treated.

Another problem Stogran has pointed to is a clawback that Reebok Beige Sneakers

´╗┐Stogran vows to expose system

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Reebok Alien Stomper

Dennis Manuge is leading a class action lawsuit with 6,500 other Saucony Sneakers 76

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Among the problems is a move to lump sum disability payments rather than disability pensions, which means less money for injured soldiers.

"The deep sense of betrayal I feel towards our government, Canadians and even veterans themselves is one of the reasons clouding my ability to get well and to be a successful advocate on our behalf," he said.

"You need to learn our issues. The only thing that facilitates change at any level Reebok Alien Stomper is public opinion or support. We have very little or no public support," he said.

Stogran held a Reebok G Unit Shoes

A modern veteran who loses both legs to a landmine in Afghanistan, for example, would receive a lump sum of about $276,000 rather than a lifelong pension.

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Manuge says he's going to stop lobbying for veterans because he can't get enough people to speak up.

press conference Tuesday, flanked by veterans, to lay out some of the problems he has seen since he took the post the country's first champion for them.

Cundell has been fighting red tape at veterans affairs Canada since 1997, he said.

"This government has invested well in programs for veterans. These are people who have made enormous sacrifices for our country and we have an important responsibility toward their well being.".

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"Our heroes are suffering," he said.

Manuge, who at times blinked back tears, and veterans Ron Cundell, Kenneth Young and Brian Dyck admitted to being frustrated over their inability to get what they feel is proper compensation for their injuries.

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