Saucony Type A5

It a fun, twisty mystery for a while. The film presents a whole crowd of Reebok Teal

Saucony Type A5

But it hard to stick Saucony Type A5 with it. How your suspension of disbelief? Because NON STOP will put it through a triathlon. It not just the numerous plot holes (don even try to count them) it the jarring tonal difference between where it starts and where it ends. The first half is a plausible, low key murder mystery at 40,000 feet, and the second half descends to LEGO MOVIE absurdity. Poison darts? Check. Fighter jets? Check. Zero gravity shootout? Double check.

murder suspects, all exchanging shifty glances and red herrings. Every time the ingenious script seems to paint itself into a corner, it knocks down a wall. Major plot twists are hidden inside smaller ones, carefully arranged like narrative time bombs (and one literal one). The direction is marvelous, too one particular shot halfway through the film gracefully swoops from end of the plane to another, eavesdropping on a half dozen characters with evolving agendas. A lot of skill went into this film, and it easy to get swept up in the suspense.

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Alcoholic air marshal Bill Marks (Neeson)needs to find out who murdering people on his flight. Fast. Every twenty minutes, another passenger will die unless $150 million is deposited in the mystery killer bank account. Against a ticking clock, our haggard hero must save the plane, stop the killings, and punch whoever responsible in the throat.

Saucony Type A5

I guess I like Liam Neeson better when he creating the body count not cleaning up after it.

Saucony Type A5

NON STOP is basically two hours of Liam Neeson playing on an airplane.

Saucony Type A5

Saucony Type A5

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The last fifteen minutes drop to face palm altitude. When the criminal mastermind is finally unmasked, he/she delivers a forced and bewildering I did it and why speech, like an unusually violent episode of Scooby Doo. I guess the villain motivation doesn matter that much; it the end of the movie and Liam Neeson is in a neck breaking mood.

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Saucony Type A5

Saucony Type A5

Be sure to stay up late after the Seahawks game for a special edition of Fox 1st at 10 :) . See MoreSee Less

Saucony Type A5

Saucony Type A5

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NON STOP isn a bad thriller it just hard to love. It too smart to be mindless fun and too stupid to be anything more. Heck, 2008 TAKEN delivered twice the butt kicking with half the fuss.

Saucony Type A5

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Saucony Type A5

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