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"I got a whooping, a beating," he said. "I further learned later on that it's not good to tell on your own. That's what I got out of it. Even though it's wrong what your own is doing, it's still not good to tell."

In some circles, the anger directed toward police only increased when news spread Wednesday that officers were unable to find the location of the June 1 shooting because a dispatcher misunderstood the address from callers. The miscommunication delayed Reebok Girls Shoes

The line, apparently, is not drawn with the killing of a well known individual like Morgan, 26. June 1.

A woman who was hit twice in the foot at the scene did not tell police anything about the shooting when officers approached her at the hospital, according to police radio transmissions provided along with the 911 calls after a public records request from the Citizen Times.

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"It's like a mob, gang mentality: 'We'll take care of you if you tell on our boy. There will always be someone out there to get you,'" Crooks said. "You don't want that physical harm to come to anybody in your family. And then also you don't want to labeled as, 'Man, you can't trust this dude. He's Saucony Grid 9000 On Feet

The no snitching mentality thrives in parts of Asheville and police are battling that culture as they investigate the death of a man who was gunned down with about 30 people nearby. He thought he did the right thing to stop someone from doing wrong.

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nobody will talk to us at all all these people that were there about how this thing happened, what pre empted it, what the argument was, what was happening, it's unlikely it's going to get solved," Capt. Tim Splain said at a community meeting recently.

A snitch, residents say, is about the worst thing you could be labeled in parts of the Southside neighborhood, where police say gunfire has erupted several times in the past eight months. Some residents, especially the younger adults and teenagers, harbor animosity toward police, despite the department's attempts to build relationships in neighborhoods through community policing. The residents don't trust officers and think some policemen unnecessarily harass people in their Saucony Mint 9000 community.

police response. People were furious on social media.

In the wake of this violent incident, residents via social media and at community meetings have expressed concern there might be retaliation against whomever killed Morgan.

a snitch.' It's just like you've been marked with that for the rest of your life."

No arrests have been made, and police have publicly lamented the lack of cooperation from people who were in close proximity to the shooting.

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The no snitching mentality was established long before Crooks was born 50 years ago on the Southside of Asheville, and it still thrives there today. Police have said they are battling that culture as they investigate the shooting death of Charles Keith Morgan Jr., who was gunned down June 1 with about 30 witnesses in the parking lot outside an apartment building near 21 Palmer St.

"We understand that in certain pockets of communities, there's a code. Snitching, you don't do it," Lt. Don Eberhardt said. "But I've been asking myself . where do we draw the line?"

"Why have I conditioned myself? Because I know I'm putting you or I'm putting witnesses in a bad spot in doing that," he said. "What I've also come to realize, give it about four hours. Give it about four hours and let things start to settle down. The phone calls will start coming in."

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´╗┐Street code may prevent arrest in Asheville shooting

It's just another obstacle as police try to convince residents that they want to help.

When responding to a violent crime, Eberhardt said he has trained himself not to ask, "Did anybody see anything?"

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Saucony Mint 9000

Saucony Mint 9000

Crime Stoppers : Aim is to make Asheville, communities safer

The white manager of the store was thankful, but Crooks' parents were mad at him.

Saucony Mint 9000

Police say the lack of cooperation with detectives in a violent case opens the door for similar incidents. Crooks says the no snitch code doesn't benefit the community. But he understands why people would be concerned about being a witness to a homicide.

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Saucony Mint 9000

Saucony Mint 9000

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